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Considered the “Mummy’s Curse, ” a Series of Unexplainable, Unfortunate, or Tragic Events That Happened to the People Who Were Present at the Opening of Tutankhamen’s Tomb.

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The Office Art Memo

The Office Art Memo “Memorandum”
Mario Williams
Professor Alan Rodgers
Humanities 112

Having to consider the choices both impressionist and post-impressionist, I have come to a decision. Three works from the impressionist period and three works from the post-impressionist period would be the best choice to make. I will deal with impressionist works in the paper first by identifying the impressionist and post-impressionist works. Then I will describe the choices of the painting to present to the CEO of my company with examples for my decision. While including examples why my choices fit the company’s image, I will a give a clear explanation.

Keyword: Impressionist, post-impressionist, impressionism.

The first painting is historically significant because it was one of the works that helps define impressionism on early work. It displays all the hallmark of impressionism.
The second painting Boulevard des Capucines, painted by Claude Monet in 1873, is significant because its perspective was looking out from the first impressionist exhibition. This shows the marketplace of French impressionism. This place is where the painting is not born. However, it is where the movement first became known. In other words, it is the birthplace of the movement. This painting is significant because it shows the outline altogether. An important element of traditional painting that yet shows the mood and feeling that can be rendered. The lack of the outline is most easily seen in the figure of a woman looking back at the artist. Her clothes seem to mix in the background. The first painting Sunrise is appropriate because it means we have a seminal, defining example of impressionism. In other words, we understand the importance of history and fundamentals. We are able to identify…...

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