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Harsh Damages of Poverty and Possible Solutions

As the increasing number of individuals affected by the consequences of poverty become more detrimental to society, the need for an assertive set of solutions becomes crucial. Poverty imposes major issues on all members of society, specifically children and families. Improving these scarce conditions can be considered both an opportunity and a responsibility placed on individuals within each community. While those who are fortunate may never fall victim to the issues caused by poverty, these individuals and their cooperative participation remain vital to a societal victory over poverty. Also, poverty, although it only affects some, is always considered a dangerous threat to humanity due to numerous aspects of life it can destroy or harm. In conclusion, it is necessary to create general solutions that will improve and benefit the lives of millions, while also tailoring these resolutions to target the particular concerns it poses to all groups separately.
Poverty causes harsh damages to many groups and aspects of society; therefore it is vital for our nation to help the 44 million people who are unable to meet their basic needs. For example, the 1.4 billion people in our world who are currently living in extreme poverty live on less than $1.25 a day. This buys no more than basic food, clean water and enough cooking fuel to produce two simple meals (Moss). Having this issue during the recession causes a deep impact on both the consumers and job market. In addition, it affects those in poverty by diminishing their hope of having a “productive future for them[selves] and for our nation,” according to Marian Edelman, from his article, “As Millions More Children Are Affected by Poverty, Now Is the Time For Action.” Edelman concludes that children in the United States have been severely affected by poverty. He conclusively emphasizes that, “Children, our most vulnerable group, experience the steepest rise in poverty and the largest single year increase since the 1960s.”
The increase numbers of children in poverty is currently a tremendous problem. According to Edelman’s article, “More than five million children under the age of five are poor, and 2.4 million live in extreme poverty.” Here poverty is recognized as a major problem because children need to be raised in a stimulating and enriched environment during the most crucial developmental stages of their life. By not allowing this to happen, poverty diminishes the ability of these children to become well educated, which would inevitably be the solution to help overcome their poor condition. American Psychological Association, quoted in Jenny Won’s ‘Poverty and America’s Children’, believes that, “….poverty can directly influence a child’s academic achievement and psychosocial outcome.” The American Psychological Association continues to reveal that low-income families are more prone to an unhealthy diet and can develop health problems like asthma and anemia. As a final example to the detriments caused by poverty, children are also more prone to participate in smoking and sex at very early ages.
While the previous effects of poverty mentioned are reason enough to explore a solution, many are also worried that the number of children and families in poverty will outnumber those during the Great Depression if immediate action isn’t taken. Simon Moss writes in his article, ‘The End of Extreme Poverty…within a Generation’ that, “Congress must help parents get back to work and maintain the extra supports they are currently receiving until they are back on their feet again.” There was a significant decline in poverty during the last 30 years, which provides evidence that the ability to reach out to those in poverty does exist and can help some survive its threats. The TANF Emergency Fund has provided more than 250000 short term jobs. Other actions from congress that would help improve the situation include, “improvements in the Child Tax and Earned Income Tax Credits,” according to Marian Edelman. Joining campaigns and other organizations to help fight against poverty is yet another way for any citizen to get involved. Simon Moss believes that if aids and help are given in adequate quantities, it will help give the poorest a chance at life. He suggests we, “get behind the world’s poor, give voice to their aspirations and work as citizens and consumers to make the end of extreme poverty…” If we continue to support the poor, they will be given the chance to leave the trapped lifestyle poverty creates. Help from citizens and members of the community is essential in aiding those who lead lives of poverty. Voluntourism, which allows people to travel the world while volunteering for a great causes has become extremely popular by developing a tactic that fits the lifestyle of anyone desiring to volunteer their time and effort no matter how demanding their schedule may be.
Moss argues that, “Educating people about development issues is crucially important as is challenging prejudiced assumptions and stereotypes about other cultures…” America can no longer continue to ignore the growing poverty problem despite any racial and spatial distances that exist. Active involvement in the community and help from congress is crucial for recovery. In addition, the growing number of children in poverty is a threat to both our nation’s future and economy. Immediate action and creation of programs that will benefit and restore lives is vital for the millions who are suffering in an uneducated, isolated world.

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