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CASE SUMMARY NAME: Daniel Hughes DATE: 3-15-13 CASE TITLE: Communications Satellite Corporation (1) BACKGROUND: In January of 1975 the Federal Communications Commission concluded an 11-year investigation of the appropriate economic regulation of the Communications Satellite Corporation (Comsat). The FCC is looking to decide on many issues, including the determination of a fair rate of return on Comsat’s cost of capital. Comsat had suggested a 12% rate of return for the period of 1964 to 1974 and 15% thereafter. However, the FCC’s staff has presented evidence to contradict that of Comsat. (2) MAJOR PROBLEM(S): The major issue is calculating how the FCC can determine Comsat’s fair rate of return and cost of capital and what fair rate of return is appropriate for Comsat’s particular level of risk? (3) ALTERNATIVE COURSES OF ACTION: The FCC could determine Comsat’s fair rate of return using one of the three following methods: 1. The indirect approach of discount cash flow (DCF) approach, incorporating a dividend growth model suggested by Dr. Eugene Brigham, a Comsat witness 2. The approach of Dr. Willard Carleton, the trial staff’s witness – a methodology as presented as ke = Rf + risk premium 3. The capital asset pricing model (CAPM) suggested by Dr. Stewart Myers, a rebuttal witness for Comsat (4) BRIEF ANALYSIS OF ALTERNATIVES: 1. Dr. Brigham’s study estimated Comsat’s cost of equity in 1964 between 12% and 14% and in 1971 between 11% and 13%. This study included mostly industrial firms rather than utility firms. In addition, it is not revealed if the sample firms were capitalized on a 100% equity base as is Comsat. This method should not be accepted since the sample firms were not other enterprises having corresponding risks in relation to Comsat. 2. Dr. Carleton’s study estimated Comsat’s cost of equity…...

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Insurance inculcate a spirit of entrepreneurship in youth and eventually, they can play a leading role in the national building carrying out entrepreneurship activities coming into practical life. The state should provide full support to such initiatives that would not only help in building a sizable population of entrepreneurs, but also act as an engine of growth in the economic development of a country. Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry greatly supports promotion of entrepreneurship culture in youth and have created strong linkage with the universities. Business experts give lectures in the universities and student’s innovative ideas are encouraged through Business Plan Competitions. In March next year, ICCI in collaboration with Comsats University, Islamabad is organizing a big exhibition that will bring together students from across the country, who will introduce their innovative research ideas. An Entrepreneurship Development Center is being developed in ICCI which will provide a road map to the students and prospective entrepreneurs that how they can start new business ventures. Various training programs will be organized in collaboration with the universities and national institutions because we believe our youth have great potential to perform but they need guidance and mentorship to growth in entrepreneurship....

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