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Company Positioning and Key Competitiors

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Danielle Stovall
Dr. Terri Rittenburg
Marketing Management MKT 4430-40
Company Positioning and Key Competitors
23 July 2012 If there’s one thing that I have learned about Cloud Peak Energy thus far, it’s that they pride themselves on being the best. For this reason, and many others that I will discuss here, I believe that their specific positioning method is attributes. The moment you visit their webpage you are bombarded with the many ways that they pride themselves on being the best at mining coal. The first thing they claim is that they one of the safest and largest producers of high quality coal in the United States. According to their 2011 Annual Corporate Report of the 1 billion tons of coal produced in the United States which generated 43 percent of the nation’s electricity in 2011, Cloud Peak contributed to 4 percent of that. Unfortunately, they suffered from 17 reportable injuries in 2011. However, they were fairly minor in nature and they claim to still keep safety as a core value and hope to achieve a goal of zero injuries in the future. These injuries gave them a Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) All Injury Frequency Rate (AIFR) of 1.18, which was quite an increase from 0.58 the prior year. Yet, they are told by MSHA that this rating is among the lowest of the large US coal producers. In our society today many of us feel that it is important to take care of our environment. Cloud Peak Energy recognizes the importance of this as well. In 2010 they were the recipient of the National Excellence in Surface Mining and Reclamation Award from the Office of Surface Mining. Additionally, in June of 2011 they were awarded the Good Neighbor Award from the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality. Furthermore, in 2011 they reclaimed 827 acres at the three mines that they own and had completed a major portion of the prework for the final topsoil…...

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