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Communication in the Office

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Through not only words, but through nonverbal communication as well, individuals constantly communicate with others. In the episode “The Incentive” from the television show The Office, Andy Bernard, the boss of Dunder Mifflinf, implements an incentive program with the use of a point system with his employees in order to double sales in his company. If the employees pooled their points and were to receive a combined total of 5,000 points, Andy promised to let his employees tattoo whatever they wanted onto his butt. The employees did in fact receive this almost impossible number of points, and Andy is caught with a decision to make. The scene being described and analyzed in this paper is when Andy leaves the tattoo shop in order to reflect on the situation he was in, who is soon accompanied by his employee Jim Halpert. This paper will focus on how language use, such speech repertoire and low language, and nonverbal communication, such as kinesics and oculesics, significantly impact interpersonal contextual levels of communication as well as intrapersonal contextual levels of communication depicted in the respective scene outside the tattoo shop. Most conversations are started by a question: “Hey, how are you?” or “Hi, how can I help you?” In this scene, Jim walks outside of the tattoo shop to a distraught Andy. To initiate the conversation, he asks, “Are you getting psyched up?” By asking a question to his colleague, Jim is now a participant in interpersonal communication. Because of the conversation’s immediacy and primacy, this conversation is characterized by a “strong feedback component” (Dr. Mullin, Lecture), and therefore Andy has to respond immediately, and does so with a sarcastic, “Yes.” By responding to Jim’s question, Andy is also now a participant in interpersonal communication, formulating a dyadic communication. Direct interpersonal communication…...

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