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Description of the Frame

The Frame is representative of the population due to the fact that is source used to represent it. According to me is a complete overregistration and it represents a finite population of stocks listed in alphabetical order. We could also observe information about those stocks such as their average maturity, the 7-day yield and the asset. This information is subject to change frequently.

Data selected for sample

RANDOM NUMBER FUND AVG. MATURITY/DAYS 7-DAY YIELD AALMny 60 2.91 AetnaAdvs 38 4.23 AmbTreasl 46 3.45 AmAAdMMM 30 4.00 ArchUSTr 44 3.33 BT Inst Trsy 19 3.78 BataMM 43 3.45 BirTrea 39 3.89 CRTGovt 43 3.58 CapitolMM 26 3.74 ColonlMMB 24 2.53 DryBasGov 46 4.05 FBL 25 2.07 FtBostin 25 4.16 FrkMny 48 3.60 HiMrkUST 33 3.27 InstFd 21 3.30 LibtyUs 31 3.27 Liqint 31 4.04 MngdGv 50 3.82 Marshall Tr 37 4.09 Nicholas 26 3.98 NorwestUS 47 3.70 PncGovtS 49 3.94 PW Cash 40 3.77 PierPontTrsy 37 3.88 PIFTFd 40 4.15 PruTr 42 3.45 RemTreast Tr 27 3.42 Sei Csmm 33 4.35 Safeco f 40 3.56 231 Prime 33 4.25 UST gvt 14 3.64 UST MNY 14 3.91 VISNtR 45 3.82 ZweigGvt 37 3.59


1) Point estimate of the population mean for Ave Mat:

Formula: Mean = Xi / n

= 1283/ 36 = 35.64

2) Point estimate of the population mean for 7-Day Yield:

Formula: Mean = Xi / n = 131.97 /36 = 3.67
3) Interval Estimate for the population mean for Avg. Mat:

4) Interval Estimate for the population mean of 7-day Yield:…...

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