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City of Carlsbad, California, Restructuring the Public Works Department

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City of Carlsbad, California
Restructuring the Public Works Department
Case Study Answers to Questions

What is your diagnosis of the situation in the Public Works Department?
Oceanfront city of 75,000
Emerging from worst recession in history of city
Transitioning to more business-like organizational structure
The Public Works department formed by consolidating six previously independent departments
The Plan of Action
City Reorganization Chart
Source: Cummings & Worley, 2008, p.406
The mix of tenure in the departments.
Employees liked their employer, the City of Carlsbad
Overall, stakeholders viewed the changes as positive for customers and employees because it would allow the anticipated growth to occur in a cost effective manner.
The new public works director believed in the newly formed values of the city and was excited to implement a vision that aligned with these values
The City of Carlsbad is growing and the restructure may reduce operating costs brought about from the expected growth in demand for new and better services
The Public Works Director also acting as the City Engineer could cause problems: possible preferential treatment and conflicts of interest.
Individual teams are too cohesive. This created a lack of teamwork, trust, and overall cohesiveness.
There were no clearly defined roles, responsibilities, or goals.
The Public Works Department seemed to lack a strategic component, more specifically a lack of functional policies, goals, and objectives.
Redundancies of processes and assets; the same equipment was utilized in multiple departments
The engineering workload is expected to outpace the maintenance workload. This is likely to cause even more tension between departments.
Department consolidation could potentially result in employee downsizing.

Prior to the Public works department merging to become a part…...

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