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Why do you need this site? I am creating this site to share information and other resources with members of similar Christian faith. The type of information or resources I am providing for members of the Christian faith are: Articles on Christianity (Historical and Biblical) and Christian Living, Prayer request form, FAQ, Bible Reading Plan and Daily Scriptures.

Why do your visitors need this site? This site will provide resources for the enrichment of fellow Christian’s seeking to grow into their faith and also allow interaction with other members of the same faith.

Audience: My intended audience will be those who are Christians and those who are not Christian’s. It is an open invitation to all without any prejudice.

Brief description of target audience: Individuals whose way of life is based on the fact that they have a love for Jesus Christ and love for His people. These individuals are seekers for truth are committed to their personal integrity.

General geographic location of audience: The geographical location for this audience is not limited to the United States, but may reach other Christians in other countries.

Estimate number of people: Not yet known, need more details as to whether we are measuring daily, weekly, monthly or yearly data.

Estimate average age: 15-75

Familiarity with computers and Internet: Not much experience or familiarity with computers or internet needed. This site serves as a informational service for the public.

Interactive Feature # 1: Daily Scripture Feed (RSS). The purpose for the Daily Scripture Feed is to provide a randomized posting of Bible Scripture to the end user and encourage them to check back daily for something new and inspiring.

Interactive Feature # 2: Prayer Request Form. The purpose for the Prayer Request Form is to facilitate communication between the…...

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