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Child Behavior Is Worse Today Than It Was Ten Years Ago

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Child Behavior is worse today than it was ten years ago

Author: Takisha Wiggins

Takisha Wiggins

Eng 315-Fall 2011

Professor Ed Buchanan

November 11, 2011

Is child behavior worse today than it was ten years ago? It’s interesting to see how children act these days. When I was growing up, we had things so easy and you could always see the good in people. Nowadays, you have children committing acts of violence at home, in the schools and on the street. I am interested in doing more research on this subject to find out why today’s kids have such bad behavior problems. It seems that the influences today have shaped our children into believing things that just simply aren’t true. The videos they watch, the television shows, as well as the music they listen to may contribute to the bad behavior. In this plan, I will identify the recipient, topic and purpose of this report. I will also list potential resources needed for support and methods used to gather information. I will also consider certain factors that I will make a recommendation for. Let’s examine this plan.

1. Identify the recipient of the report. (To what organization will the recommendation be directed?) 2. Identify the topic of the report. (What product, service, or program will you recommend?) 3. Identify the purpose of the report. (What need or problem will the product, service, or program resolve?) 4. Identify potential resources that will be needed for support. 5. Identify methods to be used to gather information. 6. Identify criteria to be used to evaluate the information collected. (What factors will you consider to make your recommendation?)

The recipients of my report will be all adults, care-takers, parents, and counselors. These are the…...

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