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Change of Marriage over Time

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Change In Marriage Over Time Over time the meaning of marriage has changed and transitioned. In the essay “American marriage in Transition” by Andrew Cherlin, Cherlin tells about the different transitions of marriage from expressive individualism to the pure relationship trends. Out of all four martial trends the mandatory marriage is the most preferable as the others are objectionable. To start with the first trend expressive individualism which is each person has a unique feeling that should unfold or be expressed if individuality is to be realized. From there transitioned into companionate marriage which focused on the compassion in the marriage. Then from compassion to mandatory marriage which was more of having to get married to have a full family and to not indulge in premarital cohabitation without commitment of marriage. Finally the “pure relationship” trend which is an intimate partnership entered into for its own sake. It was mostly intimacy and love that they get from it. The mandatory marriage is the most preferable because it the typically marriage everyone wants. Saving intimacy until marriage and getting married to start a family. Most people prefer a in marriage child rather than an out of marriage child which can something lead to single parents and no support or having both parental roles in childs life. Compared to a pure relationship trend, yes intimacy is good but can only last so long just as the rhyme goes “ First comes love then comes marriage then comes the baby in the baby carriage.” In today’s generation its difficult to find or even have a marriage like that. As time goes on marriage changes so much. Today’s time seems like they throw around marriage like its nothing people I know get married left and right. The true meaning of marriage just isn’t the same. Divorce rate is higher than ever. With so many trends the Andrew Cherlin…...

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