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Challenges of Social Integration (Unemployment)

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Challenges of Social Integration (Unemployment)



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Challenges of Social Integration (Unemployment)

Unemployment is a situation whereby there are people in the society with the desire to work, but without enough jobs for everyone. Presently, unemployment is amongst the biggest problems that affects many countries globally. Unemployment is caused by numerous challenges. One of the reasons that lead to unemployment is that numerous people are dissatisfied with their salaries. This is a feeling that many people undergo because they feel they are not earning enough money for their work. In turn, they prefer taking unemployment benefits instead of taking up any job. Another reason is because presently there are few companies in most of the countries. In every society there must be people who are unemployed. There are various different types of unemployment, which include hard-core, structural, seasonal, frictional and cyclical.

Statistics about unemployment around the globe are numerous. Several researchers gained interest of understanding the challenges behind unemployment. For instance the United States, there is financial crisis and ensuing deep recession associated to the sharp increase of unemployment. The U.S. unemployment rate peaked at 10.1% in October 2009. By looking at the adjustment of changes in demographic composition of the labor force, it is evident that this is the highest rate of unemployment ever witnessed since the Great Depression (Daly, 2011). Daly (2011) further notes Unemployment edges down slowly around the globe, nonetheless, in most developing countries there is still sluggish improvement.

The U.S. unemployment rate stands at 9% more than two years in the recovery. Persistently, the world unemployment rate grows at an alarming rate because of numerous factors. For instance…...

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