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Chapter 11 Worksheet 1. What information does a technician need to obtain from a customer in order to do effective troubleshooting?
The technician must learn the details of the problem from the customer. The technician should get contact information, a description of the problem, and details of any recent changes.

2. What is a closed-ended question? Give an example.
Closed-ended questions focus on getting a specific piece of information. The customer should be able to respond with “yes” or “no”.
Example: “Did the PC make any beeps?”

3. What is an open-ended question? Give an example.
Open-ended questions allow customers to explain details in their own words. Use open-ended questions to gain general information.
Example: “How has your PC been behaving?”

4. How can a technician improve his, or her, workstation ergonomics? a. Place headset and phone within easy reach. b. Adjust height of chair, and position of computer screen to be comfortable. c. Place keyboard and mouse in a comfortable position. d. Minimize external distractions.

5. What data, found by a technician on a computer, would be considered to be illegal content?
Child pornography, and similar material, is illegal and the technician should document everything and contact a first responder.

6. What is meant by the term Cyber Law?
Cyber Law is the term used to describe laws – international, national, and state - that affect computer security.

7. What is computer forensics?
Computer forensics is the collection and analysis of data from computer systems, networks, wireless communications, and storage devices to be used as part of a criminal investigation.

8. What is evidence tampering?
Evidence tampering is the alteration or destruction of evidence done with the intention of disrupting a criminal investigation.

9. If a…...

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