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1. Mustafa has no sensation on the right side of his body. Based on microscopic structure, which type of sensory receptor is responsible for transmitting the sensation of cold from the ice cube?
2. Mustafa is unable to balance himself. Based on receptor location, which type of sensory receptor is responsible for providing information about his body position?
3. Mustafa’s right side lacks sensations when Dr. Nasri pricked him with the pin or touched him with ice. Based on his inability to perceive these sensations in his right limbs, which part of his brain has been affected?
4. Mustafa’s symptoms can also be categorized according to the type of stimuli that the receptors detect. Which of the following receptor types can be correlated with the symptoms that Mustafa is experiencing? Be specific in your answers.
5. Mustafa has a clot in an artery on the left side of his brain. Why has he lost function on the right side of his body?
6. The nurse uses a serrated wheel to test for the presence of sensation on the surface of Mustafa’s body. Which part of his body has the most sensory nerve endings that would respond to the pressure of the wheel?
7. The nurse slides the handle of a reflex hammer along the palms of Mustafa’s hands. Which type of sensory receptor is being stimulated by the touch of the handle?
8. Dr. Nasri uses a tuning fork to test for vibratory sensation, a more subtle sensation than touch. Which types of sensory receptors are stimulated by vibrations?
9. Mustafa increasingly feels sensory stimuli to his right side. Trace the path of a touch stimulus from his right upper limb to the somatosensory area of the cerebral cortex.
10. Mustafa is receiving physical therapy to help him regain his balance capability. Which part of the brain is active in monitoring and correcting balance?…...

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