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CEO or chief executive officer is a bureaucratic position that carries the ultimate management responsibility for an organization. Commonly, CEO is a rank that is associated with the head of the company. One of the primary duties of the CEO is to report to the board of directors, which is answerable to the owners of the company. In addition, CEO carries out the job of designating other managerial officers including that of a president. Depending on the extent of his or her functions, a CEO can also have the title of President/CEO or President and CEO. A CEO is not only a key management figure, but also the face of any business establishment. Therefore CEO's career record and professional background often represent an important qualitative parameter of the overall value of the company
CFO, or Chief Financial Officer, is senior corporate officer with full financial authority. In general terms, the main responsibility of a CFO is to oversee financial appropriations and expenditures of an organization. Hence, the CFO is in charge of disseminating financial data, directing budget and spending, as well as monitoring a number of other financial activities. A CFO is also required to frequently report to the board of directors on the overall financial condition of the company. Additionally, a CFO is charged with insuring financial transparency with respect to both the shareholders and regulatory boards, such as the SEC. In many corporations a CFO is routinely referred to as senior vice president. A CFO is often considered the second most notable management figure, next to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Thus, many investors consider the professional track record of a CFO, as well as his or her integrity and conduct.
COO, or Chief Operating Officer, is a member of upper level management who is responsible for the company's day-to-day operations. The functions of a COO may…...

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