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Nichole Thurman
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April 24, 2014
Inequality of Education in Baltimore City Schools There has been long ongoing debate of the levels of education when comparing public and private education institutions. Some argue that public education is for the poor and is not the most effective form of education when it comes to personal development. Baltimore City public schools has a high level of educational inequality when compared to private schools and it shows in their dropout rate, the poor preparation for college, and additional other factors outside of the schools that impact the educational development of the students. With education being the most vital part of a child’s development, one would believe there would be microscopic monitoring in this area of our city. We have shifted the focus from schools widely in the Baltimore City area and cut a lot of programs that helped develop and prepare kids for life. It is amazing that Baltimore has found funding to open two new casinos in downtown Baltimore City but has not added any more funding to the Baltimore City educational department. Our City leaders have raised taxes in the Baltimore City to all-time highs and it has made it harder for families to support a higher level of education for their children with after care programs as well as enrolling them into different schools. Also, one must consider the factor of kids just giving up because there has not been a strong focus on education within Baltimore City. In comparison to private and charter school students, Baltimore City Public schools have a very high dropout rate. Baltimore City had an on-time graduation rate of 38.5% (Topo, 2006). This means that Baltimore City graduates less than half of the student’s enrolled on-time. The dropout rate during this time was 12.3% (Blake, 2014). Between four major private schools in the area, St.…...

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