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Cash Handling

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Trainee Information 3

Certificate of Completion 4

Introduction 5

Operational Procedures – Cash 6

Operational Procedures – Cheques 7

Operational Procedures – Refunds 8

Operational Procedures – Credit Cards 9

Customer Accounts 10

Banking Procedures 11

Self Assessment Test 12

Training Manual

Cash Handling Procedures

This Manual is designed to provide you, the employee, with the full knowledge of all procedures associated with cash handling in your establishment. You will be aware of all company procedures for dealing with credit card transactions and also the steps to take to prevent fraud.


Trainee Information

Name: ____________________________________________

Manager: ____________________________________________

Commenced: ______ / ______ / ______ (DD/MM/YYYY)

Completed: ______ / ______ / ______ (DD/MM/YYYY)

Completed: ______ / ______ / ______ (DD/MM/YYYY)

Certificate of Completion

I _______________________ (Manager/Supervisor) hereby certify that _______________________ (Employee Name) has successfully completed their training in “Cash Handling Procedures” and is fully qualified under the requirements of the establishment in which they are employed herewith.

(Signature of Manager/Supervisor)


(Signature of Trainee)





This manual is designed to assist you in the everyday tasks associated with handling credit and cash transactions. You will become fully aware of all operating systems associated with credit cards and credit limits, and how…...

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