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The Human Resource Manager and Managing Multiple Responsibilities
At 7:30 A.M on Monday, Sam Lennox, human resource manager of the Lakeview plant of Supreme Textile Corporation
Supreme Textile Corporation owned and operated five plants: one yarn-spinning operations, two knitting plants, and apparel-making operations. Supreme enjoyed a national reputation for high-quality products, specializing in men’s sports shirts. Corporate head-quarters was located in Twin-Cities adjacent to two of the plant operations. The Hillsville, Eastern, and Lakeview plants were 100 to 200 miles distant. Each employed 70 to 100 people. About 250 employees were located in Twin-Cities.
Sam had started with Supreme’s Eastern plant after college. He progressed rapidly through several staff positions. He then served two years as a night foreman. He became known for his ability to organize a “smooth team”, never having a grievance procedure brought against him. While his productivity figures were not outstanding, he was given credit by many people in the company for being the person who prevented the union from successfully organizing the Eastern plant. As a result, he was promoted to assistant personnel manager.
Sam’s progress was noted by Glen Johnson, corporate vice president of personnel. Glen transferred Sam to the Lakeview plant, which was having some personnel problems, as special staff assistant. Six months later he was made personnel manager when the incumbent suddenly resigned. Sam had been able to work out most of the problems and was beginning to think about how to put together a first-rate personnel program.
Sam was in fine spirits as his car picked up speed, and the hum of the tires on the newly paved highway faded into the background. He said to himself: This is the day I’m really going to get things done.
He began to run through the day’s work, first one project, then…...

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