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Case Study of Sheehan Marketing and Public Relations (Week 1)

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Case Study of Sheehan Marketing and Public Relations

1. What are SMPR’s data communication needs?
2. Based on the information provided, do you foresee any significant problems in integration and coordinating the needed networks? If so, what are they?
3. What skills do you think should be included in a job description for SMPR’s new corporate networking technology manager?
4. How much do you think the owner of a business like SMPR needs to know about data communications? Detailed information? General information? Justify your answer?

1. SMPR needs to set a client server network within every department, LA will be headquarters. After all net works are set; an online informational insight website should be set up where all businesses can share and post individual information to share with all. From this website it can be controlled by a super user and users beneath that which can set options for each individual.

2. UTP Ethernet 10mbps is to slow, upgrades will have to be installed so more clients can be added, this will give room to expand. You will also have to see what the budget is for what they want to do and work with the budget.

3. Know how to set up server networks and install programs if needed, flexible schedule and be able to communicate well with others. You will need an experienced individual who know how to set up web communication site.

4. The business will need to know how to run the operation and exchange information, use the technology correctly once given to them. What is the cost to start any operational network, supplies, cables, computers, etc. Any owner needs to be able to work in budget; according to the budget is what the quality of the outcome is going to…...

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