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Paralysis By Analysis:

There are a number of underlying issues depending on your lens of analysis, and you can use each chapter of the textbook to explain something in the case.
Johns and Saks (2013)
Individual Behaviour * Personality and Learning * e.g., Peterson’s peers refer to him as conscientious. Peterson’s conscientiousness could imply: * he is likely to perform well on most jobs (pg. 47) * he is likely to be an effective leader (pg. 308) * he is likely to contribute to the organizational effectiveness through citizenship behaviour (pg. 139). * Perception, Attribution, and Diversity * e.g., Peterson suspects trying to implement the inventory control system might have lead Curt Andrews to feel resentful and not trusted (pg. 6). * Curt’s perception of trust could explain his resistance to the inventory control system. Specifically, Peterson claims that Curt Andrews resists the inventory control system that was implemented to help Curt plan and coordinate (pg. 6). Curt’s resistance calls attention to a common reason for resisting change; namely, lack of trust (pg. 575). Curt resisted the inventory control systems because he did not trust Peterson’s motives for it. * Equally, perceptions of trust in management are positively related to job satisfaction, organizational commitment, job performance, and organizational citizenship (pg. 101). Curt’s participation in meetings and his issues with coworkers and subordinates may partly stem from his suspicion of Peterson’s motives. * Values, Attitudes, and Work Behaviour * e.g., Curt Andrews was significantly older than anyone else on the GMT organizational chart (see figure B page 6 and figure C page 11). Given that Curt was 38 and assuming that the case occurred in 1995, Curt was seven years older than his boss and the next oldest demographic (31). Moreover, Curt…...

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