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Case Analysis 1 – Apple Computer

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What were some of Apple's biggest successes and failures? Describe why.
I believe Apple's biggest success was the beginning or Apple's initial offer Apple I in 1976, this was mostly a prototype since there where only around 200 Apple I computers produced; they were all hand-built by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. While Steve Jobs handled the distribution and marketing of the Apple I, he was responsible for devising clever advertising tag-line: "Byte into an Apple." That was the beginning of Apple's innovating strategy, first out the door with the interactive graphical microcomputer, that Steve Jobs used to build upon, trough successes and failures. To Steve Wozniak it was about the product, reducing cost, simplicity, etc., but to Steve Jobs it was about to embark on building Apple computer corporation, a culture, a vision, at each reiteration he would discover a new principle of innovation, but I believe he would not truly understand that, until some twenty four plus years later, it will be interesting to see whether Tim Cook the new COO of Apple, keeps Apple on course, on the vision.
Now, let's look at some of Apple's important success, like Mac OS X, server version was introduced in 1999, while the desktop version was introduced in 2001. Then there was iTunes, this was the BIG one, truly a innovative idea that would put Apple over the top (regardless that Apple is proprietary in nature), as one of the innovating companies, along with the iPod, also introduced in 2001, the iPod offered consumers and easy interface to house up to 1000 “on the go” songs. iTunes could be used to purchase verity of music, download them to iPod and used by the consumer, when and wherever they wanted to use it. In a swift move Steve Jobs was able to redefined the distribution of music and take the music industry in the 21st century. For Apple, the iPod offered a monopoly type product…...

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