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'Caliban Has a Better Set of Values Than Stephano or Trinculo.' by Considering the Presentation of Caliban, Evaluate This View.

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‘Caliban has a better set of values than Stephano or Trinculo.’ By considering the presentation of Caliban, evaluate this view.
When considering the presentation of Caliban it is important to acknowledge the differences in context and perception between Shakespeare’s audience and a modern one. An Elizabethan audience might be inclined to agree with Stephano and Trinculo’s values because they could probably identify with them. Stephano and Trinculo are white and European and not gentry. A modern post-colonial audience would probably have more understanding of issues such as slavery and the exploitation of indigenous peoples and so are more likely to be sympathetic to Caliban and more critical of Stephano and Trinculo.
From a 21st century critical perspective, Caliban’s values could be seen as natural and honest. Amanda Mabelard says that “Caliban’s bad behaviour is like that of a child”; by this she means that he does bad things but this is because his values have been imposed on him by Prospero, who has been his only father figure. Caliban’s affinity with nature can be seen when he says “When thou cam’st first / Though strok’st me and made much of me; wouldst give me / Water with berries in’t and teach me how / To name the bigger light and how the less / That burn by day and night.” In general the characters who are of high class speak in verse, suggesting they are educated and cultured. By having Caliban speak in a similar manner Shakespeare demonstrates the possibility of Caliban having values equal to or surpassing those of his European oppressors. On the other hand, however, Caliban says “You taught me language and my profit on’t / Is I know how to curse.” During the Elizabethan period, swearing and cursing would have been considered something a more boorish type of person would do, and to a degree this is still the case. This could be one perception that can…...

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