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This is a report about "SIS Natural" LLC. Sis natural is one of the top juice producing companies in Armenia. I visited there on Saturday in 27 of October. I have met with the production manager, finance manager and marketing specialist of company and was introduced about the company. In my report I will tell you about these main points:
• Description of the firm and its competitive environment
• Analyis of the marketing and branding strategy
• Identification and description of the main management issues
• Analysis of the management of these issues

Description of the firm and its competitive environment
The "SIS Natural" LLC is one of top juice manufacture companies in Armenia. The company produces Juices, jams and preserves. It is the fastest developing company between juice manufacturing companies. One of the keys of success is the company’s innovative approach to the product development. SIS Natural LLC is producing “SIS” and “Yan” brands. The company is going to enlarge its production line, and introduce three new brands. There will be juices, nectars and drinks in paper box - Pure-Pack, which is segmented for meddle class in market. All brands have some focused on some target audience, and together they all satisfy every type of juice customer. The company has main two plans. First is to have dynamic development, second is presentation of new brands with original flavors and the further expansion, strengthening of the position not only in Armenian juices market, also abroad. Company is exporting its products to about 15 countries include Europe, USA, Russia, Ukraine etc.
The main competitors are “Amare”, “Noyan”, “Graniny” and ‘Ararat”.
The company’s main advantages are that their product have high quality, are well segmented and prepared for all segments, has comfortable packages and sizes which are demanded, has nice and attractive…...

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