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Madigan Army Medical Facility
Marva M. White
American InterContinental University
March 11, 2012

Introduction All medical facilities as well as other organization have s specific purpose in mind when selecting certain areas in which to conduct their business. The Madigan family has seen a lot of military service. Four generation has served, suiting up for the major conflicts for the past century. Madigan gets its name from Retired Colonel John J. Madigan III, who died May 4, 2009, at the age of 80. His daughter stated her dad will be remembered for being passionate about the Army, his Family, his teachings and Washington Redskins. By March 2, 1992, a new medical facility was constructed, dedicated to Colonel Madigan, by naming the 245 bed facility after him. His legacy remains, and the Madigan family still to this day, because of what he believed in, lives by this motto, “Compassion with Care” for all military and their families who has to be seen in our modern and up-to-date technology facility with the upmost quality care. This is a facility that serves all branches of the military being, the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, active duty military, reserves, retirees, veterans and their families. Maj. Gen. Richard Thomas, former assistant surgeon general for Force assumed his command for the Western Regional Medical Command, March 7, 2011, during a change of command held on the facility grounds.
Madigan is well aware with environmental issues ,which takes a business to fully operate its economic, legal, and social concerns. Now today with the combining forces of the military facility of McChord Air Force Base and Ft. Lewis, the hospital, in trying to service more servicemen and their families, retirees and their families and at time, servicing our veterans when they need the care of its specialty clinics, is now revamping its center, adding…...

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