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Final Project: Business Writing Project XCOM285

Part 1

How to Use Social Media for Business

The article is written for a business audience. The writers are addressing businesses or organizations by mentioning the benefits of social media. They address how social media can be used to find out what competitors are doing. The article mentions how businesses need to understand who their customers are.

The purpose of the article is to inform the reader of the benefits and downfalls of social media. The benefits mentioned are how to build a company’s fan or customer base. The article informs the readers that social media is not a way to sell their fans but to understand what their fans or customer needs. The article serves a purpose to persuade. By addressing the benefits of social media they are forming a persuasive stance on social media and how it can help a business.

The writer organizes the information in the article by providing topics of the do’s and don’ts. The writer first lists the don’ts of social media. She gives an explanation of what not to do with social media. She writes about the downfalls of what happens with fans or customers if a business does not pay attention to their social media account and to understand how to operate the account to benefit their business. The writer continues to list the benefits of social media by providing the understanding of how a social website can help a business grow their customer base. By understanding what a customer likes, wants, and needs, can help a business grow. The writer’s purpose for organizing the article as topics allows them to organize the reasons that can help persuade the reader to why social media can benefit businesses if used correctly.

The tone in the article is informative. The writer expresses both positives and negatives of social media. The effects of providing both sides of information allow the reader to understand how a business can use social media to build on more customers and on customer satisfaction, which can build a better business. Writing in a different style such as just writing about social media websites and not providing reasons and explanations doesn’t allow the writer to persuade a reader on why social media can benefit a business or not.

Part 2


August 4, 2013

To: Sales Staff

From: Management

RE: Visit to Switzerland Branch

As you all are aware, we will be visiting our Switzerland branch in the next couple of weeks. I want you to go over some information that will assist us in communicating with the Switzerland staff. Different cultures have particular business communication styles so by recognizing Switzerland’s communication style will play a vital role to gaining their respect and trust for future business engagements.

We will be visiting the German Swiss part of Switzerland. Most Switzerland business people speak English well, but it will be best if we educated ourselves and understand their nonverbal and verbal communication styles. Business people in Switzerland usually speak in quiet, gentle tones. Speaking slowly and clearly is a sign of authority, and loud or boisterous behavior is perceived as a lack of self-control.

When we communicate in English we need to speak in short simple sentences and avoid using slang and jargon. Their verbal communication style is plain and straight forward. The Swiss believe in speaking in plain and direct conversation. They speak their minds without the worries of other people’s feelings. Remember, they are not intending to act rude or aggressive; it is their way of being direct and straight to receive a straight answer in return. While we are in meeting, please do not interrupt their presentation with questions. They consider interrupting to be rude. We must keep in mind that we need to be reserved, professional, but yet kind and friendly. Let them complete their presentation or ask if there are any questions before responding. Their conversations may include extended periods of silence but does not necessarily convey a negative message.

The German Swiss do not use non-verbal communication as often. They make little physical contact and seem to be more reserved in their speaking. Emotions are not shown openly, especially in the German Swiss part of the country. There is one gesture we must remember not to use, that is the OK signal we use here in America. Using the thumb and the index finger forming a circle can be read as an obscene gesture in Switzerland but the Thumbs up gesture is a sign of approval to them.

It is important to use eye contact when speaking to Switzerland people. They convey eye contact as a form of sincerity and understand it as in building trust with them. While speaking to them be sure to keep a three to four feet distance, the German Swiss find this distance more appropriate while in a conversation.

Thank you for your time on reviewing Switzerland’s communication style. I know this information will help us enhance our communication during our visit to the Switzerland branch.

Best regards,



Katz, L. (2005). Negotiating International Business. : Booksurge Publishing.

World Business Culture. (2012). Retrieved from Business-Communication-Style.html

Part 3

Letter – Travel agent. Block format

August 3, 2013

Ms. Collins
Travel Around the World
123 Plaza St.
Anywhere, CA 91234
Dear Ms. Collins:
I regret having to cancel my reservations for my upcoming European trip for the week of September 1 through September 7. Complications at work have forced me to put my travel plans on hold for a short time. Since I plan to make another reservation soon, I hope that you will apply my deposit fees and any fees that I may occur for cancelling at a short notice.

Thank you for your kind service and accommodations.


Lisa Quemada

Memo – Team members

August 3, 2013
To: Team Members
From: Lisa Quemada
RE: Bonus Cancellation
The project we have completed has shown to be our best work so far. You have all put in a great amount of effort to make this project complete. I like to take this moment to thank all personnel for their hard work and dedication that helps meet the needs of our clients.

After the final review of our financial reports, I have discovered that we did not meet the financial requirements for this quarter. Therefore, we will not be receiving the bonuses at this time.

I am confident that with our continued hard work and effort we will meet future bonus goals with the upcoming projects.

With great thanks and appreciation,

Lisa Quemada
Project Manager

E-mail – Manager

To: Manager
Subject line: Financial Goal Update – No Quarter Bonus

The project completion was a success. The client was pleased with the final outcome of their product. They will be placing a new order at the end of this month.

After reviewing the financial reports for the quarter I discovered that we missed our goal by 2%. The prices of the pressure treated wood had gone up slightly due to the storms in the east coast last month. This unexpected cost has caused the project to go slightly over budget. This also prevented the bonuses to be paid out this quarter.

I assure you that we are on the right track in meeting next quarter’s goal and bonus pay outs to employees. We were able to locate a vender with a lower price on the pressure treated wood. I have locked in a set price with the vendor by guaranteeing our next two projects.

Lisa Quemada
Project Manager…...

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