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Business Unit 1

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Unit 1 - Setting up a Business

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Unit Title: | Unit 1 – Setting up a Business | Type of Assessment: | Written Paper (1 hour) | Marks available | 60 marks - 40% of the GCSE | Date of the examination (and session) | Tuesday 22 May 2012 |

The Syllabus

Section 1 – Starting a Business

| Content | | R | A | G | 1 | Enterprise: What is business? | | | | | 2 | Finding a gap in the market | | | | | 3 | Franchises | | | | | 4 | Business objectives | | | | | 5 | Business objectives: measuring success | | | | | 6 | Business objectives: stakeholders | | | | | 7 | Business plans | | | | | 8 | Business risk and uncertainty | | | | | 9 | Legal structure: sole trader and partnership | | | | | 10 | Legal structure: limited and unlimited | | | | | 11 | Locating the business | | | | |

Section 2 – Marketing

| Content | | R | A | G | 1 | Market research with limited budgets | | | | | 2 | Market research methods | | | | | 3 | The marketing mix | | | | | 4 | The marketing mix: product | | | | | 5 | The marketing mix: price | | | | | 6 | The marketing mix: promotion | | | | | 7 | The marketing mix: place | | | | |

Section 3 – Finance

| Content | | R | A | G | 1 | Finance for small businesses | | | | | 2 | Support for small businesses | | | | | 3 | Financial terms and basic financial calculations | | | | | 4 | Cash flow and survival | | | | | 5 | Using cash flow forecasts | | | | |

Section 4 – People in Business

| Content | | R | A | G | 1 | People in business: recruiting | | | | | 2 | People in business: rewarding employees | | | | | 3 | Motivating staff | | | | | 4 | Protecting staff through legislation | | | | |

Section 5 – Operations…...

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