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Business Management Chapter 12

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October 30 2013 Marion Minter
1234SW First St.
Portland, OR 97221

Dear Marion Winter:
Here at PSU we have always appreciated your support and cherished your presentations and the learning experience it has had on the student body. As Public Relations Director for the Business Accounting Association, a club here at PSU, I would like to invite you to speak at our event on December 13 2013.
As the director of this prestigious club I have the responsibility and pleasure to find a keynote speaker for our event in December. Many students have voiced to me that they want to know more about your business and your company TempHelp4You. As you are an alumnus of PSU I know that you know the importance of creating a hands on learning environment for the students. We understand you are having vision problems and we can help in any way to get you here and escort you around the campus, as it is hard to navigate for me.
Speaking points that we are interested in hearing would be as follows: * Start of your business * Companies that you have partnered with * Current job opportunities in the business community * Any personal experiences that have helped you grow as a respected business leader
As I am sure you are aware we have always enjoyed your presentations in the past and I know it would be a great treat for the students and I as well here at PSU to hear you speak again. The presentation should last about 30 min and a Q&A afterwards so we ask the you are prepared for that as I am sure you’re well versed. The event in question will be held on December 13 2013 from 12:00pm to 1:30pm in the Student Union Building. We will need a decision by November 22 2013. We look forward to a meeting of the minds with you and have high hopes that we will be able to hear the story of your business. Again I would like to express my…...

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