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Q1. Identify and describe the sources of legislation that are binding in Scots law and quote at least one example.
Legislation is written laws that were made by those who we have given the right to make laws on our behalf. Legislation comes in three forms: 1. EU Legislation - passed by the institution of the European Union. 2. UK Legislation - passed by the UK Parliament 3. Scottish Legislation - passed by the Scottish Parliament
European Union Legislation
As a member of the EU, the UK is affected by each of the laws and policies that the EU Institutions have produced. EU Law consists of the various treaties and other legislation which was passed to set up the EU and also to give bodies with in it their powers. Other sources of EU Legislation consist of various Regulations and Directives passed by the now co-decision process involving the Council of the European Union and the European Parliament. The various treaties become part of the law of the UK upon being formally approved and invested by the United Kingdom Parliament. By accepting these treaties the United Kingdom Parliament gave power to the European Union Institutions to make laws which will apply throughout the European Union (which includes the UK). When the EU makes a regulation it will automatically become part of the law here in the United Kingdom. Examples of such legislation;
Regulation 1251/70 – provides for the right to remain in the territory of a member state after having been employed by that state.
Regulation 1612/68 (amended EEC 312/76 & EEC 2434/92) – provides for the right to take up an activity as an employed person and to pursue such activity within the territory of another member state.
United Kingdom Legislation
Statutory Legislation Passed by the UK Parliament consists of laws being passed by both the House of Commons and the House of Lords and then given…...

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