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Bus 520 Assignment 2

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Assignment Two: How Personal Can Ethics Get?
BUS 520


BMW’s Dream Factory & Culture
The History Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW) is a German automobile company that was founded in 1916. With over 90 years of experience BMW has driven its way to the top of the auto industry and is best known for its performance and luxury vehicles. BMW is the ultimate driving machine. While BMW celebrates its successes, the company remains humble and recognizes that things can go wrong.
In 1959 the company nearly went bankrupt after it badly misjudged the market trends of the era. The company would not be here today if it did not receive a bailout from a wealthy German family and the continued support of their workforce. This served as a pivotal point in BMW’s history that would drive the company’s performance.
As a part of the on-boarding orientation training BMW makes a point to share the story of 1959 with each new plant associate. From day one BMW employees understand the vision, mission, and goals of the company; this in turn creates a sense of placement for the employee within the company. Employees are not only armed with the training and knowledge they will need to be successful at BMW but know how they have and continue to impact the company.
The Culture & Leadership
BMW has created a workplace that embraces an entrepreneurial culture. BMW believes that there are always better solutions and everyone in the company is expected to help find those solutions. BMW also recognizes that “ninety-nine percent of all leadership occurs not from the top of the organization but from the middle of an organization,” (Maxwell, J., 2005). Because of this belief, BMW utilizes a management system that is progressive, flat, and flexible. This management style has leveled the playing field by breaking down the barriers that were once used to separate workers from…...

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