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Dear all
Subject; confirm of monthly newsletter

As we have the meeting about producing newsletter every month. I would be include all of the detail that we agree to all staff.

Our newsletter would be producing in every months. The newsletter would consist of the industry spotlight, health at work, employee spotlight, new client information and News upcoming event.

For the company procedure of document guild, The written style for all document would be concise, friendly, and professional in keeping with the mission statement of our Burleigh Accountant company and keep the file in appropriate folder which we have Administration, Marketing , Staffing and General policy and procedure. All document would have the company logo, company hyperlinks with pointing hand shape and the signed by senior accountant.

I will follow the key style requirement as;
The format of the page will use * A4 paper size with page margin as 2.54 cm. the header or footer 1.27 com from margin line. * The standard font for document is Arial 12. Heading would be bolded with heading 1 in 14 pt and Heading 2in 12 pt. * Autometic heading style would be created and used to ensure consistency in heading * The printing must be double –side *
For our newsletter, we will use the business newsletter template from Microsoft word and Use the fonts contained in the newsletter template. The number of page is no more than 3 pages per newsletter. The content should keep bright and clear which consist of; * Break up block of text with photos, graphic or cartoons * Break up the page with white space * Print in coloum * Use sub-heading * Put text in boxes or shaded paragraphs. * The copy right must be taken into account.

Lastly, I would say thank you for all staff to have the meeting and wish all of you have wonderful day.

Kind Regards
Yothika Saipanya

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