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Rawan Musa
Mrs. Leonard
Junior American Literature
20 June 2012
Are We a Brother’s Keeper?
A huge economic problem in this society is homelessness. Homeless people should be helped by society. Homeless people lose hope, and do not want to bother anyone. While people who are hopeless and independent choose not to work exist, there are enough people in the world where we have a moral responsibility to help anyone in need. Society needs to act as a brother’s keeper by supporting them with things they need and respecting them for it is the only morally defensive position to take.
To begin with, sometimes homeless people do not have enough support to live. As published by National Coalition for the Homeless, “…a growing shortage of affordable rental housing and a simultaneous increase in poverty” (Who is Homeless?). Homeless people cannot afford to live. The community should support them by lowering the price. Some people that earn a lot of money should help out. People that cannot afford homes should be helped to improve the amount of people that are homeless. As quoted in by National Coalition for the Homeless, “Federal support for low-income housing has fallen 49% from 1980 to 2003” (Why are People Homeless?). The federal government should change this problem and start supporting more low-income people. Supporting them gives them a shelter to live in.
Another reason why society must work at becoming a brother’s keeper is to simply respect other people, and it would show good character towards the helpful person. “People experiencing homelessness in these areas are less likely to live on the street or in a shelter, and more likely to live with relatives in overcrowded or substandard housing” (Who is Homeless?). The homeless should feel invited and respected. They should be able to feel free and happy when living at a place. Sometimes respecting someone makes the person…...

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