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British Invasion

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Another British Invasion
Debra Hazel. Chain Store Age. New York: Mar 2010. Vol. 86, Iss. 3; pg. 18, 2 pgs
Abstract (Summary)
Forget John, Paul, George and Ringo or The Rolling Stones: now its retailers that constitute the new British Invasion. Since 2007, retailers as diverse as Tesco's Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market grocery stores, cosmetics merchant Space NK, high-end apparel designers Ben Sherman and Ted Baker, and fast-fashion leaders Topshop and Superdry have dropped anchor in California, New York, Boston and other major US cities. Why UK chains would seek out America is not really a surprise: The size of the market provides a huge opportunity, while a common language and similar laws ease the path of entry to some extent. The recession caused Tesco to slow its original plan to have 200 stores by the end of its current fiscal year. But the chain continues to open at least one new store per week, including a recent entry into Northern California in Fresno, and is undertaking significant marketing to reach US consumers. » Jump to indexing (document details) Full Text (1391 words) |
Copyright Lebhar-Friedman, Inc. Mar 2010 [Headnote] | U.K. retailers look to America for growth |


It's the ultimate - and a literally delicious - irony. "We were born on the Fourth of July, a real irony for a British company," said Nicky Doggart, U.S. CEO of Hotel Chocolat, a luxury chocolate boutique that launched its U.S. Web site on July 4, 2007, and late last year opened its first brick-andmortar store, on Newbury Street in Boston.
Forget John, Paul, George and Ringo or The Rolling Stones; now it's retailers that constitute the new British Invasion.
"It is a window the size of which we haven't seen before," said Mark Burlton, partner, Cross Border Retail of global real estate services firm Cushman & Wakefield, London. The firm is working with…...

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