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Brand Extention Marketing Plan

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Brand Extension Marketing Plan

Unit 6

The Mailbox Vacuum

Boyd Adams


September 01, 2012

1.0 Executive Summary

Vivint Security Company is a security company that has been in business since 1997. The product that will be considered is called the vacuum of the not so distance future. It is called the Mailbox Vacuum and it works on a principle of deterring identity theft. The owner of the product would have the knowledge that their mail was securely with-in the confines of their home. The product would work on these principles. The mail person would deliver the mail and has soon as the mail was put into the box and the door closed, the vacuum would deliver the mail to a box inside the home via a tube that is underground going to the home. The brand name of the for-profit organization would be something that the many investors would vote on. One would consider Quantum Leap 2012, or the Jetsons Mailbox delivery system. There are a few more that come to mind, but as stated, getting the investors feedback would also be something to greatly consider. In preparing the information for the marketing plan, one would have to consider many avenues. The first would be that this would be considered a line extension because it would be something that would change the mail delivery. One being that this product has not been developed, may have some obstacles to consider such as will the Government allow…...

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