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Boxing Essay

As a sport should boxing be banned from the Olympic Games? Boxing is a popular sport that some people enjoy to watch as two opponents try to knock each other out on to the ground or win by points. I think that boxing is moral and should not be banned from the Olympics. Intentions

The goal in boxing is to purposely hurt and harm your opponent. Even though other sports, like grid iron and rugby, can be dangerous and the injuries are often accidental. In boxing however, opponents are trying to hurt their opponent on purpose so they can be knocked to the ground or they can’t carry on with the fight. These are the immoral intentions of boxing when you try to knock your opponent out. Other intention of boxing is the money so people pick to do boxing so they can earn more money than other people. Also the boxer’s dreams are to become the number one and win the gold medal at the Olympics and to show the world how great athletes they are. These are the moral aspects of why boxers compete in this sport. Circumstances

The sport boxing is different from boxing in anger. The sport boxing aim is that you have to try to knock the other person out or to win by points and also there is the safety when the boxer is on the ground the ref stops the fight. There are immoral points in the sport boxing when you try to knock the other person out but the moral points are it’s a sport and they both compete to become the best. But when it comes to boxing in anger the fighters just try knock the other person out without care of the other persons safety and there releasing their anger out on the other person and doing everything they can to win the fight so there is no moral intentions in boxing out of anger but boxing in anger always lead to immoral decisions and don’t care for the other persons safety so there is a moral difference. Consequences


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