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Bowling Alone

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Critical Analysis of Bowling Alone Bowling Alone defends a thesis that in the 1960’s and 70’s, something occurred in the US that caused a change. In the 20th century for the majority of the time, American were greatly involved within their community. However, since Americans started to pull away from one another and their community, the “community vitality” weakened. Putnam uses bowling as an illustration for his claim. By using statistics and charts, Putnam compares the participation of individuals in bowling to those who actually are in league bowling; the percentage declining by 40% while bowlers themselves increased by 10. The concept of “bowling alone” is not a literal term but comparatively speaking they are bowling along because informal groups, which are typical in most cases, can not replenish social capitol. Still Bowling Alone happened to fall under the original Bowling Alone 15th Anniversary and it revisits some civic disengagement as well as touches on the after 9/11 generation and compares their involvement in politics compared to their elders when they were their age. The newer generation was revived as far as its involvement in their community after tragedy struck the mainland as well as some presidency mile stones. Putnam discusses a threat to America due to the a growing gap between the youth which involved their self-esteem, family support, social trust civic and religious engagement; all of which threaten social mobility and cohesion. Within my community I am a servant for the people. I attend neighborhood churches, which I am often asked for to speak to the youth. I have always been involved in community service projects which have included picking up trash in parks, planting new trees in the community centers, as well as helping with back to school preparation like giving out school supplies to the less fortunate. I am currently a…...

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