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In Deborah Tannen “Bossy is more than a word to woman “she says that the word bossy is a word that is commonly use in woman mainly in the work place. Deborah also explains how woman have other important issues and they seem to be focused on this word “bossy”. Sheryl Sandberg CEO of the campaign “Ban Bossy” says; “When a little boy asserts himself, he’s called a “leader.” Yet when a little girl does the same, she risks being branded “bossy”. This Paper is going to be focused on the pros and cons of the word bossy in woman which is most common. Deborah Tannen continues to say in the article “Bossy is more than a word to woman” “How can a word- especially a weak one like “bossy”- do that? It isn’t even as virulent as that other word that starts with “b”, which also hurled at woman.” She explains how this word bossy has a meaning and can work against woman in public life. Some of these feelings towards the word bossy it takes some woman back to the family and the playground as Deborah explains. In Deborah’s article she explains that she wrote a book about sisters, “You were always mom’s favorite! “ Woman would tell her that their oldest sister was bossy. A research shows that First born girls are bossier that first born boys according to “Beverly Capofiglia” of Southern California Child Study Center. The method they used was they had 40 girl and 40 boys all firstborn and had one younger sibling. They set up a play room with toys; they were videotaped in their environment each firstborn child was placed with a younger and unrelated child. This session lasted 20 minutes 20 girls were paired with other girls and 20 boys were paired with other boys. Beverly Capofiglia’s research shows that firstborn girls were bossier than firstborn boys, the ratings were higher when girls interact with other girls than when interacting with boys.

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