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Bmom5203 Organisation and Business Management Assignment

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MAY 2014 Trimester

Date Assigned: 25th May 2014

Due Date: 08th July 2014


Weighting: 60%


This assignment consists of ONE (1) question.

This is an individual assignment.

The assignment will be evaluated based on accurate explanations which fulfilled the requirements of the questions and supported by credible points.

The assignment should be 8-10 pages long excluding references and appendix (if any).

The assignment should have by minimum the following contents:

Introduction: Overview of existing company structure and design

Analysis: Factors influencing Organizational structure and types of authority

Evaluation: Span of Control and Centralization /Decentralization

Conclusion and Recommendation in context to comparison of two projects

You are required to undertake some degree of research through scholarly articles and other materials such as newspaper articles available to support your analysis and evaluation.

References in APA style must be included and taken from reliable sources such as books and journals.

Refer to: to view the details and samples of APA style.

Plagiarism, copying and cheating will NOT be awarded any mark, and disciplinary actions will be taken instead.

Completed assignment must be placed on the Assignment Drop Box located in reception before 6:00pm of Tuesday, 08th July 2014 and upload a softcopy to Rose Student Portal by 11:59pm of due date.

This assignment contributes 60% of the total marks for the course.…...

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