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Black Shop Bistro

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Blackshop Bistro
Blackshop Bistro is a family-run restaurant, which serves top quality cuisine at a premium price. Jan Cerny, the father, acted as the waiter and oversaw all operations. His wife Eva is a dietician who also did the bookkeeping and helped out the chef, an immigrant from Czechoslovakia. Their oldest son Alec and John who is a certified chef, are able to help out on evenings and weekends. Its ordering process is typical of full-service restaurants. Arriving customers are greeted by staff members, hung their coats for them, and escorted to their table. Waiters brings in the menus and some bread, and reads the daily specials, as well as take their drink orders. As the customers decide what to order, the waiter fills the drinks, a process that takes about 10 minutes. Most of Blackshop Bistro’s costumers order appetizers together with their main meal. It usually takes the chef about five to eight minutes to prepare the appetizers, which are usually consumed in ten to twelve minutes after the waiter brings it to the table. The waiter usually gets the main meal order and gives it to the cooks to begin preparing the meal, which take an average of seven to 10 minutes. The waiter brings the main meal to the table and is usually consumed in 15 minutes. Once finished, the waiter brings the bill, which the customer pays at the table. This whole entire process takes a little over an hour. Blackshop Bistro due to its limited space is considering expanding, however, the landlord would not agree to this idea. Jan wants higher profit to prepare for an early retirement, and to be able to do so, he would need to expand or move out of its current location. Jan found a developer from the neighboring city of Guelph who is building a 1,100-square meter two floor building on Hobson Street. The developer approached Jan because he believed Jan’s…...

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