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OLX is an internet company based in New York City, The OLX website hosts free user-generated classified advertisements for urban communities around the world and provides discussion forums sorted by various topics.
OLX gained prominence upon announcing a partnership with, the social networking website.
Thestratergy of olx

OLX has many categories like Local Jobs, Real Estate, For Sale, Vehicles , Services and Matrimonials but the key proposition that we have pioneered in this market is that people can sell on OLX their personal products that they don’t need or use and buy whatever they need. So it’s a Person 2 Person buying and selling platform that had no parallel in the offline market.
In product differentiation, we are the only Free Classifieds site in India that has presence in more than 1000 cities in India. We have regional language sites in Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Marathi, Kannada besides Hindi and English. We were the first to launch our mobile site for GPRS enabled feature phones almost 3 years back and were the first ones to launch Free Apps for iPhone, Android and Nokia Ovi phones. Besides this we have been the first mover on TV and other companies have started following our proposition. We are only site that allows people to show videos of their product to enhance buyer trust and increase chances of sale. Another product leadership example is where users can log into OLX using FaceBook connect and they can share what they are selling with their friends and also see what their friends are selling. Then there are simple things like the site name - OLX is an easy name to remember for our users and is not confusing like other site names. We will continue to innovate and pioneer through our product and marketing initiatives and strengthen our leadership position.…...

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