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Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Part 1: The Entrepreneurial Manager Spring, 2011

授課教師: 郭瑞祥 Andy Guo (台大工商管理學系/商研所教授) Room:Room 813, building 2, Management school Email :

Course Descriptions
This course is about The Entrepreneurial Manager (TEM), and it is designed to focus on the Entrepreneur as a manager and the processes and techniques he or she uses to manage. In practice this means that in every case there is a person who must make some decisions and take the necessary actions to implement those decisions. There is a very important role in the course for analytical tools and conceptual frameworks, but they are to be applied only to the extent that they help the manager make good decisions and develop realistic action plans that can be implemented and communicated to employees and investors. The Entrepreneurial Manager Course is structured in three modules: • • • Introduction: What is an entrepreneurial manager? Fundamentals for the entrepreneurial manager Managing the growing venture

Reference Book
• 「Finding Fertile Ground」 ,by Scott Shane,Wharton School Publishing

Grading Policy
• • • Class participation 22% Case reports and group presentation 48% Mid-term exam 30%


Course Topics Overview
Date Subject
Innovation and Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurial manager + guest speech Opportunity identification Business model and strategy Access source of financing +guest speech Entrepreneurial team and management (1) Entrepreneurial team 4/8 and management (2) +guest speech Module 3:Managing the growing venture 4/15 4/22 Reward model Mid-term case exam #4: Nantucket Nectars A note on valuation Questions entrepreneur must answer #4 #3: E Ink Building a new venture team Finding Fertile Ground Ch.8,9,10 #2: Zipcar #1: R&R




Module 1:Entrepreneurial manager 2/25 3/4 The…...

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