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Better Living Through Interior Design

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In today’s hectic world, it is often the little things that keep our lives from getting too stressful. Often, the most important space in a person’s life is in their home. Therefore, it can be argued that how a person designs their home can be a direct reflection on how happy they are in life. Before determining the type of design to incorporate into one’s home, many will consult a professional for advice. An interior designer has received education and training on how to best incorporate a client’s personality into their environment. It is an interior designer’s job to improve the psychological well being of their clients. This is achieved by respecting their client’s “social, physical and psychological needs and applying them in a safe and ecologically sensitive manner that promotes the health, safety and welfare of the clients” (Ball, 2002). The interior designer will take the client’s ideas and draft a simple outline of the design needed. This outline will include a budget breakdown so the client is aware of the monetary cost of their desired design inspiration. When considering a design style, an interior designer will begin each project or room as a blank slate. Regardless of how the room or area is currently decorated, the designer must be able to visualize the client’s ideas. It is the job of the interior designer to do simple and basic redesigns that can be easily changed, without the need of an architect, such as changing kitchen cabinets, wall color or paper, furniture, and flooring. The designer will use this blank slate to create elements that a customer mentally connects to. According to Ball (2002), “each element should contribute to form, function or both and maintain a consistent standard of quality and combine to create the desired design.” One of the more important elements to be considered is color scheme. It is common knowledge that color generally affects mood. An interior designer will help their client understand the psychology of color in order to provide the proper mood scheme. There are certain shades of the same color that can provoke different moods in people. Warm colors, including red, orange, and yellow, evoke emotions that can range from feelings of warmth and comfort to feelings of anger and hostility, while cool colors, including blue, purple, and green, are often described as calm, but can provoke feelings of sadness or indifference (Cherry). Keeping this in mind, it is important to choose the proper shade of color in order to avoid the negative aspect of a color scheme. For example, a bright red might evoke anger, while using a maroon color would provide warmth to both the room and the person spending time in it. While neutral tones will promote warmth and relaxation, brighter colors may cause aggression or even happiness, depending on the color. It is up to the designer to read the moods and personality of their client in order to choose the correct color combination. While color is usually considered the most important aspect of creating a design space, it is often the finishing touches that complete a design space. A designer will encourage their client to choose pieces that will enhance their environment. Design experts believe the five senses should be considered when making these choices. Since people tend to experience physical responses when their senses are activated, says Saunders, “it is a good idea to use sight, sound, smell, touch and taste as an integral part in brightening up your home to create a fresh, homely feel to your house.” The use of lighting, music for ambience, candles, fabrics, or even candy can add a unique feel to the home. Interior design is an important aspect to home decorating. With the assistance of a trained professional, a home owner can create an environment that can both be appealing to the eye and have a positive effect on their mood, personality and life.

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