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Testing in elementary school is unfortunate. Students should not be required to start testing in kindergarten because kids are not allowed to learn social skills and enjoy school. This is a time where students should be allowed to have free play. Free play is a valuable time to allow kids to time to develop their social skills. Parents and teachers should form a rally to bring back free play.
Standardized test is a high stake testing that is causing havoc in the education industry. How and why do they think it is appropriate to start testing so early in the education? Is there any valuable to common core test? When will the school district provide adequate infrastructures in the schools to support the computerized testing? There are tons of unanswered questions…. We need support in the school systems immediately.
Why have they turned things into political debates regarding children educations? Testing is overrated and does not prove what a child is capable of doing.
When are states going to hold parents accountable for not teaching basic skills at home? Why are schools not allowed to require kids to stay home until a parent conference when they are causing physical harm to educators and causing disruptions in the class?
This is frustrating and overwhelming to teachers and students. It is hindering the learning environment. Parents should be held liable for not teaching kids at home and being supportive to the education environment. I hope all educators will take a stand in this matter.…...

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