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Beginning of Computers and Old People

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Emotions vs Feelings

Emotions include: 1) Affect (the feeling, subjective) 2) Brain activity in certain areas 3) Body physiology and arousal 4) Facial expression 5) Body language and posture

If it’s not universal around the world, it’s not an emotion. Emotions are applicable to everyone, but feelings are subjective.

Emotion is an automatic, built-in reaction to a stimulus that has evolved as a brain/body response.

Feeling is more complex, involving cognition and thinking.

Both may be conscious or unconscious.

Consciousness – Awareness of the world

Antonio Damasio (married to Hannah Damasio, famous brain imager) Emotions and consciousness arise from body representations

Joseph LeDoux Found that the amygdala is a major emotion center, especially for fear.

Emotional valence refers to the quality of pleasant or unpleasant.
Valence – pleasant or unpleasant quality to emotion. Positive/Negative valence.


James – Lange Theory (William James/Carl Lange, US and Netherlands, same idea) Stimulus > Physical Reaction > Emotion
Emphasis on body reaction

Cannon – Bard Theory (Walter Cannon/Philip Bard)

Stimulus > Brain Activity > Emotion Emphasis on the brain

Schacter – Singer Theory Stimulus > Cognition > Emotion Emphasis on cognition

Social Comparison Sometimes we don’t know what we’re suppose to feel/do/how to act, so we look at people around us to get cues on what we should do.

The two roads of emotions: Low Road – Fast, without thinking, without judgement, unconscious part High Road – Slower, includes cognition and reasoning, conscious part


Charles Darwin Got ideas from French scientist Guilllaume Duchenne Duchenne put electrodes on peoples faces and studies facial muscles

Pan Am Smile (fake) Forced

Duchenne Smile (genuine) Instictive

Facial Feedback Hypothesis Smiling makes you feel happier!

Affect Display Subjective personal feeling that you have How is it that facial muscles are connected to emotions you’re feeling?

Paul Ekman Spent 8 years studying facial muscles FACS: Facial Action Coding System Lie To Me (TV show) is based on the work of Paul Ekman

Microexpressions Unconscious quick facial reactions to emotion
Nearly every liar’s face reveals micro-expressions.
Micro-expressions can appear and disappear in microseconds.

Lie Detection The polygraph measures many physiological responses base on the idea that a liar will react physically automatically. This idea has many problems and the polygraph is not a good lie detector.
Guilty Knowledge A liar has some knowledge other people don’t. Ask a question indirectly about things related to something that won’t cause nervousness.

Brain Fingerprinting Based on the idea that brain waves (EEG) can detect lies

ERP – Event Related Potential Change in brain waves as experience a stimulus ERP is either a positive (P) or negative (N) change in brain waves that occurs milliseconds after the stimulus is presented. P300 occurs after a meaningful stimulus N400 occurs if a person experience an unexpected stimulus


Psychopath – APD – Antisocial Personality Disorder

APD -Psychopath or Sociopath -Lacks Conscience -Harms others with no remorse or guilt -About 4%; more common in men -Criminal, uses people, con artist

Ted Bundy – Psychopath and Serial Killer -Charming murderer
Eric Harris -Colombine, 1999 -APD

Orbitofrontal Cortex When damaged, personality and emotional changes similar to psychopathy.

Adrian Raine
Studied Psychopaths to see if OFC is damaged, psychopaths have decreased activity in frontal lobe.
Goes to prisons and gets people to volunteer for brain activity studies, such as monitoring the brain while doing a visual task

Brain dysfunction is worse in murderers from good homes – they have not learned poor behavior, but have brain disorder.…...

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