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A doctorate PhD in Accounting will earn you the title of “doctor.” A PhD program can be significantly more demanding than a Master’s degree, which is why most accountants finish their Master’s degree before committing to a PhD grogram. Some schools lump a Master’s degree and PhD into one continuous program, which may save time in the long run. Teaching looks like it would be fun, you see that some professors are only on campus two days a week, and you have heard that professors get paid well. What could possibly be the down side? Unlike other accounting programs, getting a PhD means significant sacrifice and delay while earning your degree. A PhD accounting program takes, on average, 4-7 years to complete. You will have to complete 2-3 years of coursework. Each seminar in your coursework explores a different area of accounting and challenges you to think about it more deeply and examine it from all angles.
After completing coursework, students must produce independent projects and a thesis. While the coursework can be easily mapped out on a timeline, the dissertation is what draws out most students' pursuit of a PhD. Finishing a dissertation in 2-3 years is possible with hard work and dedication. The sacrifice of a PhD in Accounting comes in with your reduced work abilities. Due to the intense nature of a PhD program in Accounting, most students are unable to work more than part-time; many do not work at all. Many just take on research assistantships or teaching assistantships for undergraduate classes, which pay considerably less than a standard accounting job.
Since 2005, accounting programs around the country have been facing a shortage of accounting professors. Professors are retiring faster than new PhD candidates are graduating to take their place. According to the American Accounting Association (AAA), the greatest need for PhD faculty was in the areas of…...

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