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The Write Approach:
English Language Arts Research and Writing Guide

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John Burroughs High School
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The Write Approach
Table of Contents
Glossary of Terms
The Writing Process
Thinking Maps
The Six Types of Writing Prompts
Jane Shaffer Writing Terms
Writing a Thesis Statement
Writer’s Signal Words


Things NEVER to Do in an Essay


MLA Guidelines and Style Sheet
Sample Essay Formatting
Guide to Formatting Essays
Using MS Word
Revising and Proofreading Essays
JBHS Proofreading Symbols
Proofreading/Editing Worksheet
MLA Quoting and Citation Guide
Quote Integration FAQs
Work Cited Page
Why Did I Get This Grade?
JBHS Academic Honesty Policy
List of Resources and References
Academic Honesty Contract


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Glossary of Writing and Research Terms
Annotated Bibliography: Includes a summary and/or evaluation of each of the sources used for researching a topic.
Audience: Those whom you want your writing to reach. A writer needs to choose the appropriate words and style for his or her intended audience.
Body Paragraph: Makes up most of an essay and has three main parts: a topic sentence, concrete detail/commentary, and a concluding sentence.
Citation: [also known as parenthetical or in-text citation] Names a source and page number for text which quotes from, uses specific details from, or paraphrases source/research materials used for the writing of an essay or research paper.
Claim: [also point or argument] A statement a writer makes that presents his main point or idea, the argument he/she is trying to prove. A thesis is the main claim, but topic sentences make claims related to the thesis.
Cluster: [also Map or Tree Diagram] A type of prewriting designed to help a writer generate ideas and…...

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