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My biggest pet peeve is with bathrooms. When someone uses up all the hot water and you have to use cold water to take a shower. Peeing on the toilet. People that can’t put the toilet seat down. Leaving your pee and poop in the toilet don’t you know how to flush?
The toilet paper not the right way you have to pull it from the top not the bottom and if you have no more toilet paper put a new roll on for the next person. When you use all the hot water you are taking too hot of a shower to to long so if you have it really hot turn it down so that the next person has some hot water to use when he or she is taking a shower. And if you are taking a really long shower put a egg timer and do like 5 min. so that way you still have water that is hot to use. Boys have a problem of lifting the toilet seat and so they some how miss the big hole that is there for them to pee in. if peeing is not fun put frout loops in there so you have something to acme at or just wipe your pee of the seat with a wipe. And girls keep sitting tell you are done taking a pee don’t just get up in the middle of your pee and pee on the seat and have you ever heard of toilet paper that helps prevent pee getting on the seat too you know. There is a silver handle on the toilet seat for you too push down so that way you can say bye bye to you poop or pee. You must love it that much to keep it in the toilet and have everyone else see it…...

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