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Baltimopre Riots

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I have been following these events mostly because it is hard not to, for it seems that it is all that news sources are reporting on. I feel that it is ludicrous that the BPD could be so careless; it should not b this hard to keep a suspect in custody alive. I totally agree with President Obama, he is one hundred percent correct. The people of Baltimore, who are taking advantage of this horrible situation, should face punishment for their actions. I disagree with the opinion with of the op-ed piece, peaceful protests do work. However the way that they work id what I don’t like. They way they work are by disrupting streets and roads, which is bad for the city of Baltimore. This kind of violence is pointless and will never be justified; the police needs to treat all people with the same amount of respect. I agree with the president, I think that this country, especially our police departments, needs to ask ourselves what battle we are winning by further separating all of our races. Essentially this unjust violence is unwinding the fabric of civil rights that activists like Martin Luther King died for, and it needs to be stopped before it is all undone and becomes one horrible, tangled mess. As of now, I believe that everyone: churches, schools, moms dads, kids, teens and what have you need to tell, not ask for it, but tell the government that something needs to be done. I do agree that the media is twisting this story pas its breaking point. For example a news station might say “TODAY THERE WERE MOORE VIOLENT ATTACKS AND RIOTING IN BALTIMORE!! and there were more peaceful protests too. However there is a reason for that, the media does that because, in today’s America, violence is what sells.…...

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