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Chapter 1
Introduction of the Study:
Statement of the Study: After conducting a study and interview to some faculty members of West Visayas State University – Pototan Campus. Its outcome showed that there are some difficulties.

General Problem: The study aim to develop a system in the Automated Scheduler and Online Schedule of ICT Faculty. Specifically it aims to answer the following question.
1. What is the current system used in making teachers schedules?
2. Is the developed system beneficial to the scheduler itself in eliminating conflicts in terms of the time and room utilization!

Background of the Study The rapid changes in the world today are the outcomes of mans knowledge of computer. Global competitiveness, cyber space technologies and information highway, which are the means of productivity and improvement in today’s modern age, are enhanced by computers. The world demands knowledge about computers more than even before and the world of tomorrow will demand even more. Computers occupy an integral and vital position in the world. It is one of the powerful tools that show demand in every man’s benefits from the emerging technology. The West Visayas State University – Pototan Campus is one the many institution that recognizes the usefulness of this technology having been in existence. The college manually operates the storage and inquiry of employee data. The personnel-in-charge of this section has to work hard consume long period of time in browsing and producing employees data if somebody asks for a certain individual record. With there of this technology can make or issue faculty profile in a short span of time with less effort and with preciseness and accuracy. Before the advent of the computer, the major problem in data management was to get the data from its original source into a usable state. The rate at which restricted by the speed at which it could organize and analyze data. An information system is a particular type of work system. It is work system that process information by performing various combinations of six types of operation: capturing, transmitting, storing, retrieving, manipulating and displaying information. In like manner, an information system cannot move or produce physical objects even though it may support for automated aspect of a automated system that moves or produce physical objective. Similarly, an information system cannot think, learn interpret information, create ideas or make decisions unless it contains computer programs that express thesis task in terms of the six basic information processing operations.
An information system exists to produce information or to support or automate the work performed by other work systems. An information system may be a subsystem of a work system, but may also exist external to work system that use the information it produces.( check land, p. and J. Scholen 1990. Soft. System Mythology in action. Chichester, England: John Wiley and son).
The school is presently called the West Visayas State University – PC ( At present, it has total personnel complement of 105, 70 of whom belong to the teaching group and 35 are with the administrative and support services staff (
Its Vision and Mission As an autonomous unit of the University system, WVSU –PC is committed to provide integral, quality and relevant education in order to produce globally competitive, dynamic and responsible individuals. 1. Offer higher and advance educational programs in a manner that showcase excellence in instruction; 2. Lead in generation of advance knowledge in multidisciplinary fields through state-of-the-art research; 3. Promote the application and adoption of practical knowledge, skills, and appropriate technologies through extension programs. 4. Pursue comprehensive reliable and sustainable resource generation program. 5. Adopt a rationalized and functional human resources development program for University Personnel. 6. Establish domestic and international linkages and collaboration with other institutions in the areas of institutional research and extension. 7. Promote culture sensitive, ecologically balanced and gender responsive environment. 8. Strengthen alumni loyalty and involvement in the promotion of the prestige and development of the unit.
Overview of the Current System and Related System Current System:
As of now, West Visayas State University – Pototan Campus is still using a manual method in issuing and making teacher’s schedule. This University is composed of four school/ Department namely, SICT, SIT, SOE and SOBM. Every department was a teacher who’s in charge in making the teacher’s schedules. The teacher in-charge will first determine if that certain teacher is fit to teach the subject, then we he/she will check the availability of the room to be utilized by that teacher.
The teacher in-charge will then plot the teacher to their respective class, time schedules and their room to be utilized. All of this mind-boggling process will be done manually using bond papers, rulers, pencils and pens, it is very time consuming that’s why this current system needs a touch of technology. The Automated Scheduler and Online Schedule of ICT Faculty of West Visayas State University – Pototan Campus Faculty will answer this entire problem. In this system, the scheduling will be more organize and probably this solves the problem regarding room utilization.
Related System:
This study was introduction to design a new system of issuing and storing teacher’s schedule. The Visual Basic as the front end and the MS Access as the back end this proposed system aims to solve the conflicts regarding room utilization and scheduling the teacher, this system will issue a computerized print out of the teacher schedule with time and room number in a more organize way. Computerized system during Enrollment, this system was develop by the researcher to add a touch of technology in terms of enrolling the students this system involves the computerized issuing of receipts of the students and also the computerized releasing of their registration forms.
Objective of the Study: The study aimed to develop an Automated Scheduler and Online Schedule of ICT Faculty.
Specifically, the objectives were:
1. To eliminate if not charge the manual operation of storing, retrieving, updating of the data and information;
2. To improve data processing;
3. To improve data quality timeliness; and
4. To improve rapid service
Significances of the Study: The study conducted to the difficulties in the making and distributing of teacher schedules. It would be great help to the teacher-in-charge in keeping and issuing teacher’s schedules.
Directors. it would be of great help in counting checking schedules of teacher under their supervision.
The study can be beneficial to the institution because it will serve as valid practical application in madding is student by applying the knowledge learned in school to the industry.
Researchers. Can be beneficial to us so that someday we can develop more upgraded systems w/c could help in improving our lives.
Teachers. It would be great help to them because this will brought up solution to some problems like, conflicts of schedules and room utilizations.
Scheduler. It will be very easy for him/her to make schedules and distribute it to the teachers.
Definition of Terms In order to avoid confusions arising from varied points of view, the following terms are defined conceptually and operationally: Database – refers to a collection of related information about a subject that is organized in a useful manner that provide a basis or foundation for procedures such as retrieving information, drawing conclusion and making decision (pfafferbenger and wall, 1995).
“Database”, in this study, referred to an automated system used for the Automated scheduler and Online Schedule of ICT Faculty of west Visayas State University-Pototan campus.
Faculty – refers to a person employed in an official capacity for the purpose of guiding and directing the learning experiences of students as an educational institution (Webster, 1995)
“Faculty”, in the study, referred to a person who is employed in the teaching profession of West Visayas State University- Pototan Campus.
Microsoft Access- a powerful database program from Microsoft cooperation for DOS computers running Microsoft Windows (
“Microsoft Access”, in this study referred to the program that is being used in the system to run.
Schedule – refers to appoint, assign or designate for a fixed time (Webster’s Dictionary 1983).
“Schedule”, in this study, referred to the amount of workloads and schedule assigned to the faculty.
System – refers to an orderly arrangement of related information as all of the hardware, software and procedure that make up accounting system (Webster pocket Computer Dictionary System 1993)
“System”, in this study, referred to the computerized schedules of West Visayas State University- Pototan Campus Faculty.
Delimitation of the Study: This proposed system was designed for a more convenient way to identifying and producing teacher schedule by the subject coordinator. The covered there parties and it is confines of dean’s office, subject coordinator and faculty members. The server computer is designed only for creating, monitoring the changes of Automated scheduler and Online Schedule of ICT Faculty for each semester and retrieving schedules.
The system can be solely for scheduling of faculty. The system should be operated by subject coordinator with basic knowledge on computer usage.

Current Flow Chart
Collect Total Year and Section

Assign to Teacher Specialization


Make Automated Scheduling

Checking Scheduling

Schedule correct?


Make correction


Submit schedule to dean’s office



Distributed to teacher

Chapter 2
Design of the Study
Chapter 2 consist of four parts: Purpose of the study, Methods, Software Design, and Statistical Treatment of the Data.
Purpose of the Study This study aimed to develop a Automated Scheduler and Online Schedule of ICT Faculty of West Visayas State University –Pototan Campus. The main purpose of this study was to develop and enhance the current system into reliable, accurate and easy to operate. Automated scheduler and Online Schedule of ICT Faculty generate the schedule of every teacher in the West Visayas State University- Pototan Campus.
Sources of information Information necessary to generate the new system will was obtain from the data of the current Automated Scheduler and Online Schedule of ICT Faculty of West Visayas State University- Pototan Campus SY 2012-2013.
The researchers will study current automated scheduler, the procedure involved and how it works. The data gathered were analyzed in order to develop the new system. Observation was used to find out the actual flow of the work. A detailed listing of steps was done from the preparation of automated scheduler to the distribution of the same to the respective faculty.
The first step will include the brain storming of the group or the significance of the problems and its originality. The researchers visited the library and the proposal. After the collaboration, the goal was to develop and produce an easy and accurate system which could be helpful to the faculty. Researchers use the software Design Life Cycle (SDLC). Planning is very important in the system development life cycle. It needs the very careful analysis of the current system, the problem encountered with ye used of the current system. In this stage, the researchers faced the crucial decision on how to develop a proposed system in order to minimize the problem of the traditional current system. Second stage was the system analysis. In this stage, the researchers analyzed the functionality as well as the usefulness of the proposed system of West Visayas State University- Pototan Campus. Designing of the recommended system was the third stage. In the designing phase of system development life cycle, the researchers designed the database application suited to the needs of the proposed system. In addition, the analyst provided the effective input to the information system by using techniques of good form. Moreover, he researchers also designed the external and internal controls, including computer based and manuals features that will guarantee that the system will be reliable, accurate and secured. Development of the system in order to improve and develop of the current system used by the faculty of WVSU-PC to facilitate the development of the newly created system was undergone by the researchers. Implementing and evaluating the system was the last stage. In this phase, the researchers introduced and implemented the system to the teacher-in-charge of West Visayas State University-Pototan Campus. To monitor the performance and problems encountered after implementation, follow-up will be done. If there are the problems, evaluation and solution will be immediately given.
Software Design The Database application as created through the use of Visual basic Enterprise Visual Basic (VB) is a programming environment from Microsoft in which a programmer uses graphical user interface (GUI) to choose and modify per-selected sections of code written in the (BASIC) programming language. Visual Basic (Front-end)has a built in tools named Data Report which is used to produce hardcopy output of the data stored in the database program.
MS Access 2003 (Back-end)-a powerful database program from Microsoft cooperation for DOS computer running Microsoft window. The most powerful workgroup database solution and the one most likely to require technical (even IT) expertise to use effectively. It does not fine job at letting anyone create quickly. The Design View tool lets you type in the field names and data types, set whether the fields are required, and the simple validation rules.
Table: Fields:
School Year Semester
Course Year and Section
NT Designation
NT 1 Deload

All Schedule

Figure 1. Database Design

Proposed Architectural Design

Data Gathering Database
Faculty Workload Updates Viewing
Storage Printing
Issuance of Faculty Workload

Transaction Process
Workload Input
Faculty Profile
Summary of Teaching Load Schedule of
Summary of Workload
Faculty Schedule


MS Access


Front End (Microsoft Visual Basic
Programming Tool)

(Front-end) h Figure 2. Architectural Design
The researchers would like to acknowledge and express their hearth felt thanks to the following persons who shared and contributed their ideas, time, support, pieces of advice, and effort which made this research work possible: Prof. Milagros P. Matillano, Thesis Instructor, for the time, suggestions, knowledge and patience extended to them ; Engr. Rosie Jane Siosan, Thesis adviser, for the encouragement, ideas, advices and suggestions she shared throughout the study: Mrs. Alma Huyaban, English critic, for the perseversnce in correcting the documents; MR. Patrick John Pacardo, for helping the researchers in planning and designing their proposed system; Mr. Myrick John Penaso, MR. Emmanuel E. Litan, MRS. Janet A. Francisco and MRS. Rita L. Jaudian, jurors, for the valuable comments and suggestions for the improvement of the system. And above all, to the Almighty GOD, for the gift of life. Love, blessing and wisdom for the completion of this research study. LOL JPM LPO RCP MJPS

Jecara, Allan D., Pastolero, Ildefonso, Pugon, Ronalyn Pelegrino, Chery Mae, Sulleza, Mary Joy F. “Automated Scheduling Of Faculty Workload”. Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, School of Information and Communications Technology, West Visayas State University- Pototan Campus, Pototan, Iloilo, March 2013. Abstract This study was conducted to develop a automated scheduler and online schedule of ICT faculty of West Visayas State University-Pototan Campus, Pototan Iloilo. The faculty aimed to improved and enhance the current system into a systematic and well organized one. Through this system, the schedules of the faculty members would surely become secure and more reliable and if changes of schedule occur. The system itself shall have provided friendly user environment for updating. This system is capable recording data and printing reports. This systems operate through the use of database recording system. It is also drawn on for storing and retrieving of data for future purposes. In addition to that, the faculty of West Visayas State University-Pototan Campus will be benefited most. The descriptive method of research was employed before the system was develop, so data were gathered through personnel interview. Result of evaluating on the level of the designed system got a mean score of 1.27 interpreted as “ Highly Excellent”. This implies that the use of designed can help enhance the structure of the automated scheduler and online schedule of Ict faculty for West Visayas State University-Pototan Campus.

Statistical Treatment of Data The data gathered from the jurors were subjected to appropriate descriptive statistics . The following are the statistical tools used in the data analysis. Mean. Composite weighted means were used to determine the level of jurors’ evaluation on the proposed system. The following are the ratings used in the evaluation of software with corresponding description: Rating Description 1.0 Excellent 1.25 High Outsatnding 1.5 Outsatnding 1.75 Very Good 2.0 Good 2.25 Very Satisfactory 2.50 Satisfactory 2.75 Fair 3.0 Passing Below 3.0 Failed The data provided by the jurors and end user were collected and tabulated for analysis. For purpose of interpretation the following scale was used: Scale Description 1.0 Excellent 1.01-1.25 High Outstanding 1.26-1.50 Outstanding 1.51-1.75 Very Good 1.76-2.0 Good 2.01-2.25 Very Satisfactory 2.26-2.50 Satisfactory 2.51-2.75 Fair 2.76-3.0 Passing Below 3.0 Failure/Repeat

Chapter 3 Presentation of the Proposed system and Evaluation Results This chapter contains five parts, namely: (1)Proposed system, (2)Technical Specification, (3)System implementation, (4)System Inputs and Outputs, and(5)Evaluation of results. Proposed System This system aimed to develop a scheduling of faculty workload of West Visayas State University- Pototan Campus which will improve and enhance thecurrent system into a systematic and well organized one. Through this system, the schedules of the faculty members would surely become secured and more reliable. The syetm itself shall have provided the user for updating. This system is capable of recording data and printing reports. This system operates through the use of database recording system. The main purpose of the system was to an easy and fast way of making and giving of schedules of faculty members of West Visayas StateUniversity-Pototan Campus.

Technical Specifications To materialize the implementation of the proposed system certain specification must be considered. These specifications contained essential requirements to run the system itself effectively and efficiently. Technically, such specified procedures in the program are followed to meet the sytem’s objectives. Software Specification Visual Basic Enterprises 6.0 Visual Basic (Front-end)is the first rapid applications development environment database solution and the most likely to require technical expertise to use effectively. MS Access 2003 (Back-end)-a powerful database program from Microsoft cooperation for DOS computers running Microsoft window. Hardware Specification In this proposed system, the following hardware specifications were utilized: CPU 2.0 GHZ or higher dual core Pentuim, ASUS with in bond LAN/Video and Audio motherboard, 1 GB RAM. 320 GB or higher hard disk drive,A4 tech. Optical mouse, standard 101/104 keys keyboard standard with power supply casing, UPS 1000 WATTS, 15” LCD monitor. User Specification The user of the proposed system must be one of the possible users who is the designated teacher-in-charge of the faculty schedules. He must be computer literate and should undergo training in using the software. He may not be necessarily computer ex pert but one who knows windows applications. The person in charge of the system must have a computer understanding on how to use the system properly. System Implementation Scheduling of faculty workload of West Visayas State University- Pototan Campus was developed to improve and enhance system into a systematic and well organized one. The proponents developed and the proposed system to surely become secured and more reliable if changes of schedules occur. If implemented, this would exceed the faculty expectation and would also be great help in utilizing time efficiently and conveniently in searching and producing individuals faculty’s data/ record. System Input, Process and Outputs System input for the study was the faculty profile, teaching load and schedules of activities for making a teaching load. The faculty should fill up the necessary information in order to produce an individual workload. System Process The record of the individual faculty will be taken charge by the personnel-in-charge in which he has the right to access hereto. All records are treated with outmost security and confidentially. System Output The system output is in the individual faculty of schedule form indicating the detailed information of a faculty. In addition, the efficiency and accuracy of the system will be a great help in quantifying and necessary workload of a faculty. Evaluation of Results Table 1 shows the rating from the jurors and end user. As a whole the proposed system is 1.27 interpreted as “Highly Excellent”.

Table 1. Evaluation results

Chapter 4 Summary , Conclusions and Recommendations This chapter contains four parts, namely: (1) Summary of the Proposed System and Research Design, (2) Summary of findings, (3)Conclusions and (4)Recommendations. Summary of the Proposed System and Research Design Automated Scheduler and Online Schedule of ICT Faculty of West Visayas State University aimed to implement and develop an easiest and fastest way of making and giving of the schedule of ICT of West Visayas State University-Pototan Campus. The goal of the proponents was widen and produce a valuable and accurate system used by the ICT in WVSU-PC. The proponents gathered some background information about how it works and operates in terms of knowing/seeking their individual workloads in fastest and easiest way. This process/system also employed methods of data gathering such as actual observations. This study hopefully, will improve the West Visayas State University Pototan campus ICT in viewing and retrieving schedule. Conclusion The main objective of the proposed system entitled “Automated Scheduling and Online Schedule of faculty of ICT” was to enhance and improve manually-operated system into well-structured and well-organized one. It aimed to reduce inconvenience as the process becomes easier and faster access to information for the teaching personnel. The proposed system will help the ICT to conveniently secure schedules and if changes will occur, thus improving efficiency. Therefore, the researchers concluded that the adaptation of the proposed system would be an instant solution to the problem of slow and inaccurate data gathering in the current system and can be great help for improving and reliability.

Recommendation In view of the findings and conclusions drawn the following recommendations are made: 1. Aotomated Scheduling and Online schedule of Faculty of ICT should be adapted to improve the access in schedule of Faculty of ICT of WVSU-PC. 2. The teacher-in-charge and faculty of West Visayas State Uiversity-Pototan Campus must be trained and oriented in the operation of the system. 3. This study should serve a challenge to individuals with computer literacy skills to update themselves in the latest innovations and developments in technology in order to be globally competitive.


References Peñaflorida, Raymund c., et al (2011) Quantification of Faculty Workload of West Visayas State University Pototan Campus. Unpublished Undergraduate thesis of West Visayas State University Pototan Campus, Pototan Iloilo.


Appendix B Appointment Letter to WVSU-PC Office of the Secretary November,2013 MS. Lilibeth P. Peñafiel Campus Secretary WVSU-PC Pototan, Iloilo Maam: Greetings! We are presently preparing a research proposal entitled: “Automated Scheduler of ICT” as a requirement of the course Bachelor of Science in information System. In this connection, we would like to ask permission from your good office to allow us to gather some information regarding our study. Your favorable response regarding this matter is highly appreciated. Thank you very much. Respectfully Yours,…...

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Automated Traffic Enforcement

...Automated Traffic Enforcement Policy This policy addresses the installation and use by state, city and county law enforcement agencies of automated traffic enforcement systems, specifically, automated red-light violation and speed enforcement systems on the state highway system only. The Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission (MHTC) hereby delegates the administration of this Policy to the MoDOT Director, who shall be authorized to further delegate by memorandum the administration of this Policy to such MoDOT employee(s) as the MoDOT Director deems appropriate. Automated Enforcement of Red-Light Violations To ensure red-light traffic signal violations are mitigated as completely and as feasibly possible, state highway intersections that are candidates for automated red-light violation enforcement will undergo both an engineering study and a violation study. The engineering study will ensure the state highway intersection warrants the installation of an automated red-light enforcement system and that the cameras and related equipment will not impact the existing signal operation. The review will encompass the following steps: Step 1: Confirm safety problem Step 2: Identify the scope Step 3: Conduct engineering analysis to identify factors contributing to problem Step 4: Identify and select appropriate countermeasures Step 5: Implement countermeasures The violation study will include each approach of the state highway intersection. Conditions for......

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Automated Egg Incubator

...Automated Egg Incubator DESCRIPTION: Temperature control is achieved through an Arduino nano, which uses gains determined by the Ziegler-Nicholas turning method to turn on a state relay connected to heat lamp. Egg-turning is achieved through a novel “shifting floor” design, featuring a slot mechanism attached to servo motors to shift the floor beneath the eggs. An Ethernet shield is used to post status updates using FB and warn the user if a problem occurs. Through logging data, we found that the incubator has good temperature control, egg-turning capabilities, and informative post. Automatic Candling is achieved through a floor of light that will be placed underneath the eggs. Every few days, the lights flash, and a webcam overhead takes a photo and send to the raiser to know if the eggs are develop. In addition, the user can also remotely control the lamp of the incubator through sending a message to the GSM module that would force the lamp to turn off. FEATURES: * MICROCONTROLLER MICROCONTROLLER Uses Temperature Sensors: DS18B20 and DHT-22 * Uses Servo Motor for egg turning mechanism * Uses GSM module for user remote control * Have a fan for even temperature and proper oxygenation of the embryos. * Uses a webcam to take photo for comparing a normal developing candled eggs. FLOW OF OPERATION The project Automated Egg Incubator operates with the help of Microcontroller, the heart of this device. The microcontroller is the one who operates the...

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Automated Grading System Review

...2003 An Overview of Current Research on Automated Essay Grading Salvatore Valenti, Francesca Neri and Alessandro Cucchiarelli DIIGA - Universita’ Politecnica delle Marche, Ancona, Italy Executive Summary Essays are considered by many researchers as the most useful tool to assess learning outcomes, implying the ability to recall, organize and integrate ideas, the ability to express oneself in writing and the ability to supply merely than identify interpretation and application of data. It is in the measurement of such outcomes, corresponding to the evaluation and synthesis levels of the Bloom’s (1956) taxonomy that the essay questions serve their most useful purpose. One of the difficulties of grading essays is represented by the perceived subjectivity of the grading process. Many researchers claim that the subjective nature of essay assessment leads to variation in grades awarded by different human assessors, which is perceived by students as a great source of unfairness. This issue may be faced through the adoption of automated assessment tools for essays. A system for automated assessment would at least be consistent in the way it scores essays, and enormous cost and time savings could be achieved if the system can be shown to grade essays within the range of those awarded by human assessors. This paper presents an overview of current approaches to the automated assessment of free text answers. Ten......

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Elections Automated University

...Elections automated University-wide By Akemi B. Aida and Nikki Q. Angulo THOMASIANS did not have to endure long hours to know the results of the recent student council elections, with polls computerized University-wide for the first time this year. All faculties and colleges, including UST’s two high schools, adopted the new polling system. Last year, only 10 colleges and faculties had automated elections. Except for a brief power interruption last Feb. 20, which delayed voting at the Conservatory of Music, Education High School and UST High School, Tabon said the new polling scheme was “implemented well.” “The loss of electricity supply caused a slight delay in voting in some colleges. But it did not affect the voters’ turnout because the election proceeded after the power supply returned,” said Abadenzio Rexzy Tabon, chairman of the Central Commission on Elections (Comelec). Overall, voter turnout did not improve. In last year’s elections, 22,515 Thomasians voted. This year, 22,229 students cast their votes, more than half of roughly 40,000 students in the University. Preparations Tabon said a University-wide automated election was first proposed during the summer planning of Central Comelec officials. Thereafter, the Central Comelec met with officials of college-level Comelec units to discuss the plan. The College of Nursing and the Faculty of Civil Law were the first to have automated elections two years ago. Lack of resources hampered previous......

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Automated Grading

...Overview of Automated Grading Systems If bridges and buildings were made like we make software, then we would have disasters happening daily. I have heard this several times from many people. It is sad but true. Buggy software is the bane of the software industry. One of the ways of increasing software quality is by proper education. Several professionals from the software industry also attest to this. They believe that a greater emphasis should be given to quality and testing in university courses. But simply explaining the principles of software quality is not sufficient. Students tend to forget theoretical principles over time. Practical exposure and experience is equally important. Students should be put in an environment where they can appreciate the importance of quality software and can experience the benefits of processes that enhance quality. Many universities have a period of internship for the students in which they work in a software company and experience these factors first hand. However because the internship usually is of a duration of 3-6 months, it is not sufficient to instill the importance of quality. Emphasis on code quality should be made a part of the entire software curriculum for it to have proper impact. Every assignment that the students submit should be subjected to the same quality standards that an industrial project would be subjected to. Having university assignments adhere to industrial standards will result in the faculty having to......

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Legal Case Scheduler

...Introduction A case scheduler is a program that enables an enterprise to schedule, initiate and manages jobs automatically. It is a control program that selects from a job queue the next job to be processed. The whole essence of using a case scheduler is organization and time factor. Proper time management makes an institution quite successful and Evelyn Avi’s firm is not an exception. The Legal Case Scheduler service offers an efficient interface for all Lawyers and administrative staff to plan their office and business endeavours resourcefully. Until you value yourself, you won't value your time. “Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it” (Peck M.S. 2010) This write up provides a comprehensive explanation of the development of a Legal Case Scheduler. The new system intends to resolve the problem of, case/data mismatch, improper time management technique experienced by the administrative staff of the firm. The workers shall also be able to search and retrieve data from the database. Also included in this report will be the problem statement, aim, objectives, scope and the justification of the project. Firstly, the problem statement shall be discussed comprehensively with the best methodology approach to be applied. Then the aim shall be mentioned. From the aim, the objectives shall be outlined. The scope and justification of the entire project shall be discussed in details too. The entire project goes through some process like planning, analysis,...

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