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|Edexcel BTEC Level 3 |Unit no & Title: 10: Caring for Children and Young People |
|Health and Social Care | |
|[pic] | |
| |Assignment no & title: 10: Know how care is provided for looked after children and young people |
| |Date Brief IV’d: |
| |Marking Tutor : |
| |Handout Date : |
| |Submission Date : |
| |Feedback Date due: |
|Assessors Feedback for this Assignment |
|Assessment criteria |
|Achieved |
|Referred |
|Feedback |
| |
|P2: Outline the arrangements for providing quality care for looked after children and young people |
| |
| |
| |
| |
|M1: discuss how policies and procedures help children, young people and their families whilst the child is being looked after |
| |
| |
| |
| |
|M2: explain the roles and responsibilities of tow members of the children’s workforce in relation to looked after children and young people |
| |
| |
| |
| |
|D1: evaluate the regulation of care provision for looked after children and young people |
| |
| |
| |
| |
|Action Plan: Your work has been referred. To gain the required grade you must ….. |
| |
|Learner’s name and declaration; I certify that the work submitted for this assignment is my own. |
|Learners signature: Date submitted: |
|Criteria Set |P2 |M1 |M2 |D1 |Learner comment on feedback |
| | | | | | |
| | | | | | |
| | | | | | |
|Student tick grade attempted | | | | | |
|Assessors signature | |Date: |
|Learners signature | |Date: |

Task 1; P2
Resource Pack:

P2: Outline the arrangements for providing quality care for looked after children and young people

Use the case study below to help you with this task.

Imagine you have recently moved to Harrow with your two children, following separation from your partner who was drinking and abusive. You need to know what help and support is available for yourself and your children whose behaviour you are very worried about. You carry out research to find out the support available in your local area and decide to organise the information into a resource pack you can refer to easily if necessary. The pack should include:

• Research and explain the types of care provisions available for children and young people • Research and explain the different organisations that provides care provisions for children and young people • Research and explain the different specialist services available for children and young people to prevent risk of harm or offending.

Make sure your report is well formatted, proof read for errors and uses language that is suitable for a formal audience.

Task 2: M1, M2, D1
A booklet explaining legal framework for children
As a result of find out services available in Harrow for children and young people who have experienced drink and abuse in the home investigate the legal framework that protects children in today’s society. Choose two from the list below in relation to looked after children and young people

Your booklet might cover the following legislation:
• United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) 1989
• Every Child Matters (ECM) 2003
• The Children Act 1989, 2004
• The Human Rights Act 1998
• The Data Protection Act 1998
• Framework for the Assessment of Children in Need and their Parents 2000
• Common Assessment Framework (England); other relevant local policies

An informative booklet should be highly visual, make good use of concise texts and appropriate images in a clear layout, and acknowledge all sources to avoid plagiarism.

M2: Expanding the booklet for merit level
For M2, you can develop your booklet to review how the care provision functions and the role and responsibilities of two professionals who work with children and young people.

•Organisation of care provision
•Job roles within the services, eg Director of Children’s Services
• Regulation of professionals who work with children and young people

D1 Expanding the booklet for distinction level
To achieve a distinction, you can develop your booklet still further. You will include a section that evaluates the regulation for the services provided for children and young people. How effective are these organisations. You should form an opinion about the effectiveness of each organisation and evidence your views by explaining whether the organisation has been successful or not.

WHAT YOU MUST HAND IN: • Assignment brief • Report • Booklet

Student Guidance:
P2 requires learners to explain the quality of care provisions required for looked after children and young people. For M1, learners will need to explain legislation protect children and young people who are looked after. M2 will require the learner to review the care provision. For D1, learners will evaluate the regulation of services provided for children and young people.

Operative Words
Pass Verbs
Describe Give a clear description that includes all the relevant features - think of it as ‘painting a picture with words’
Define Clearly explain what a particular term means and give an example, if appropriate, to show what you mean
Design Create a plan, proposal or outline to illustrate a straightforward concept or idea
Explain Set out in detail the meaning of something, with reasons. More difficult than describe or list, so it can help to give an example to show what you mean. Start by introducing the topic then give the ‘how’ or ‘why’
Identify Point out or choose the right one or give a list of the main features
Illustrate Include examples or a diagram to show what you mean
Interpret Define or explain the meaning of something
List Provide the information in a list, rather than in continuous writing
Outline Write a clear description but not a detailed one
Plan Work out and plan how you would carry out a task or activity
State Write a clear and full account
Summarise Write down or articulate briefly the main points or essential features
Merit Verbs
Analyse Identify separate factors, say how they are related and how each one contributes to the topic
Assess Give careful consideration to all the factors or events that apply and identify which are the most important or relevant
Compare/Contrast Identify the main factors that apply in two or more situations and explain the similarities and differences or advantages and disadvantages
Demonstrate Provide several relevant examples or related evidence which clearly support the arguments you are making. This may include showing practical skills
Design Create a plan, proposal or outline to illustrate a relatively complex concept or idea
Explain in detail Provide details and give reasons and/or evidence to clearly support the argument you are making
Justify How/ Why Give reasons or evidence to support your opinion or view to show how you arrived at these conclusions
Distinction Verbs
Appraise Consider the positive and negative points and give a reasoned judgement
Assess Make a judgement on the importance of something – similar to evaluate
Comment critically Give your view after you have considered all the evidence. In particular decide the importance of all the relevant positive and negative aspects
Criticise Review a topic or issue objectively and weigh up both positive and negative points before making a decision
Draw conclusions Use the evidence you have provided to reach a reasoned judgement
Evaluate Review the information then bring it together to form a conclusion. Give evidence for each of your views or statements
Evaluate critically Decide the degree to which a statement is true or the importance or value of something by reviewing the information. Include precise and detailed information and assess possible alternatives, bearing in mind their strengths and weaknesses if they were applied instead


This is not an exhausted list but will aid your research

Barker J – The Child in Mind: A Child Protection Handbook (Routledge, 2004) ISBN 9780415321754
Beckett C – Child Protection: an Introduction (Sage, 2003) ISBN 9780761949565
Benamer S, White K – Trauma and Attachment (Karnac Books, 2008) ISBN 9781855756663
Boys D and Langridge E – BTEC National Health and Social Care Book 1 (Nelson Thornes, 2007) ISBN 9780748784042
Bradley J (editor) – The Tavistock Clinic: Understanding your Child (series) (Jessica Kingsley co-published with the Tavistock Clinic) – a series of age-specific books on child development eg Lesley Maroni Understanding
4-5 year olds (2007) ISBN 9781843105343
Bruce T and Meggitt C – Child Care and Education (Hodder Arnold, 2006) ISBN 9780340925393
Ferguson H – Protecting Children in Time: Child Abuse, Child Protection and the Consequences of Modernity (Palgrave Macmillan, 2004) ISBN 9781403906939
Fowler J – A Practitioner’s Tool for Child Protection and the Assessment of Parents (Jessica Kingsley, 2002) ISBN 9781843100508
Gardner R – Supporting Families: Child Protection in the Community (Wiley, 2005) ISBN 9780470023020
Nolan Y – S/NVQ Level 3 Health and Social Care Candidate Book Options Plus (Heinemann, 2006) ISBN 9780435464653
Nolan Y – S/NVQ Level 3 Health and Social Care Candidate Handbook (Heinemann, 2005)
ISBN 9780435453732
Stretch B and Whitehouse M – BTEC National Health and Social Care Book 2 (Heinemann, 2007) ISBN 9780435499167
Stretch B and Whitehouse M – BTEC Level 3 Nationals in Health and Social Care Student Book 1 (Pearson, 2010) ISBN 9781846907663
Stretch B and Whitehouse M – BTEC Level 3 Nationals in Health and Social Care Student Book 2 (Pearson, 2010) ISBN 9781846907470

Journals and magazines
Care and Health
Children and Young People Now
Community Care

Websites 4 Nationals Child Policy Network Scotland British Association for Adoption and Fostering Children and Young People Now Children in Northern Ireland Children in Wales Every Child Matters – Youth practice Every Child Matters resources Fostering Network National Children’s Bureau National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children The Tavistock and Portman – leaders in mental health care and education

Learning outcomes
On completion of this unit a learner should:
1 Know why children and young people might need to be looked after
2 Know how care is provided for looked after children and young people
3 Understand the risks to children and young people of abusive and exploitative behaviour
4 Understand the strategies used to safeguard children and young people from abusive and exploitative behaviour. |Unit Section Content: Learning Outcome 2 |
|2 Know how care is provided for looked after children and young people |
|Legislation/legal framework relevant to home country; relevant sections from, eg United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) |
|1989, Every Child Matters (ECM) 2003, The Children Act 1989, 2004, The Human Rights Act 1998, The Data Protection Act 1998, Framework for the |
|Assessment of Children in Need and their Parents 2000, Common Assessment Framework (England); other relevant local policies |
|Care available : foster care; respite care; residential childcare; adoption; planning for care in partnership with the child or young person, |
|their parents, and other agencies, eg fostering agencies; the paramount principle |
|Organisation of care provision: home country government responsible for overall social care, health and education for children and young people; |
|local authority services, eg Local Authority Children’s Services (England), health and Social Services Trust (Northern Ireland); third sector |
|organisations, eg Barnados, NSPCC, British Association for Adoption and Fostering; Private providers, eg private nurseries |
|Type of services: universal (provided to all children and young people); specialist (to meet the needs of a particular group, eg looked after |
|children, children who are disabled); targeted (towards certain groups of children or young people to prevent risk eg harm, or offending) |
|Job roles: commissioning, directing and managing services, eg Director of Children’s Services; directly working with children and young people, |
|eg volunteers, social workers, health visitors, nursing assistants, youth workers, tutors, educational psychologists, play workers, foster |
|parents |
|Regulation of care provision: regulation of those working with children and young people, eg CRB checks; regulation of services provided for |
|children and families, eg Ofsted; regulatory bodies, eg General Teaching Council for England, General Social Care Council |
|Assessment criteria |P2, M1,M2, D1 |
|PLTS: Personal Learning and |[E1 – E4] carrying out investigations, drawing conclusions from primary or secondary research |
|Thinking Skills |[SM3] carrying out independent investigations and research |

|To achieve a pass grade the evidence must show that |To achieve a merit grade the evidence must|To achieve a distinction grade the evidence must |
|the learner is able to: |show that the learner is able to: |show that the learner is able to: |
|P2: Outline the arrangements for providing quality |M1: discuss how policies and procedures |D1: evaluate the regulation of care provision for|
|care for looked after children and young people |help children, young people and their |looked after children and young people |
|[ IE1; IE2; IE3; IE4; SM3; SM4] |families whilst the child is being looked | |
| |after | |
| |M2: explain the roles and responsibilities| |
| |of tow members of the children’s workforce| |
| |in relation to looked after children and | |
| |young people | |…...

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