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Assignment 1: Describing Scenarios in a Legal Setting

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Describing Scenarios in a Legal Setting: Assignment 1
Berlinda Brown
Professor: Moses Cowan, Esq
Legal 500 – Law, Ethics, and Corporate Governance
22 April 2012

The following assignment tasks us with describing four different scenarios in a legal business setting. The first requires a description of the steps necessary to address issues involving an employee’s skills, competence, and abilities. Next we will steps to address management behavior and performance, while the third step asks that we how labor laws should be deal with under a specific scenario. The final and fourth description involves enforcing policies and procedures. We will begin with the scenario involving employee skills, competence, and abilities and give all other descriptions respectively.
Describe what steps you would take to address the following scenario involving skills, competence, and abilities:

In accessing the scenario, there are two perspectives from which this scenario may be viewed, the business and legal aspects. The business aspect lends one to hear what the employer has stated, review all of the training that has been given and evaluate the outcome of the training in relation to the individual’s skills, competence and abilities. The business setting may allow that we may review the persons actual qualifications in which we may find there is an alternative to the training given, meaning we may find the technique we have been using are not the type needed for said employee. Adults learn and are motivated in different manners, for example the hands on technique may have been used but we may be working with an individual who learns from a visual stand point. One may have to resort as to what motivates this individual to retain skills, which builds competence and is rewarded with increased abilities (Blanchard &…...

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