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Asl Contact Event Paper

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ASL Contact Event
Game night

Emily Mathis

Interacting with deaf people gets me thinking. It is fun and interesting to interact with people who are deaf. Going to contact events is a fun way to see somebodies perspective on being deaf and how to imagine like a deaf person would.

I attended a contact event at my school in the Media Center. . It was on Tuesday, March 8th from 5pm to 6:30pm. We did a lot of activities in sign language of course. There were Verot ASL 3 students there as well as ECS students who came to the contact event. I met people from ECS, but never had a conversation with them. That's why I don't know there names.

Reviewing new and old signs was a good way to improve my signing. . I feel learning reviewing old signs, not only improved my signing, but also my vocabulary. I was very proud of how many signs I remembered in just an hour.

At game night, we did activities that were in sign language. We first broke into groups. You had to pick a chip out of a bag and if you got the color red, you played the game first. There was usually 2 people who got the red chip, but sometimes there were just 1 person also. If you got the color blue, you either sat until the next game, of you cheered and watch your team and the other players. I got red the first time I picked. So the first game everybody had to line up in a line to play. An ASL student finger spelled a word, and you had to act it out. The first word was dance. Of course I didn't get it. Then we got back to out groups and picked chips again. I got it again! This time, she finger spelled it and we had to write it on a white a board before somebody else. We drew the chips a couple more times and I didn't get it again, just those two times. If you won the game, you got a white chip. At the end, whoever had the most white chips won a prize. Our…...

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